Eight Mile lake

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  1. I hiked up to Eight Mile lake today and fished for a little while. There is minimal snow at the lake, at least on the side where the trail is. I saw several rises while I was there, not a lot, but enough to think that there is a fair number of fish there.

    After a short while a hooked and landed a very nice rainbow- about 12 inches. I really wanted to catch a lake trout that I have heard for years are in the lake, but with a long drive back to Yakima and pouring rain, I decided to head out.

    Does anyone know if Lake trout are still there, and if so what's the best way to catch them?
  2. Here's a pic from the lake.

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  3. Pic from two summers ago. One of three I caught, all about the same 16 inch or so? Caught two in a raft and one from shore.

    Fun to catch something different. Not much of a fight though. I was more impressed with the cutts in the lake, which would take a fly and were 14+ inches. Caught no rainbows.

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  4. Definitely a rainbow.

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  5. Yeah it is. I was there two days and caught no bows, pretty weird. Beauty Cutts though.

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  6. washingtonGEARfishing.com? :confused:

  7. The progression is nymph, dun and then spinner.
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  8. How far is the hike and how tough is it? Can you pack a float tube?

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  9. Easy hike for a mountain hike! Think it was three and a half miles. I took a heavy raft so you could take a float tube. Real popular in summer.

    Took a fly rod and caught fish..wanted a laker so took some spoons....sorry for the dark side post :(

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