Electric motor on a driftboat or 10hp gas?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Peter Pancho, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Peter Pancho Active Member

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    Was wondering if anyone out there uses an electric motor on their drift boats and also if anyone uses a 10hp gas motor. Is it hard going up river in a drift boat on a gas motor? Probably useless in an electric to go up river huh? Thanks in advance!
    PS, how much do decent 10hp motors go for?
    Rivers I would be hitting are mainly the Cow,Skagit,Sky,Yak,etc.
    Electric for the Yak,Stilly,etc. Gas for Cow,Sky,Skagit,etc.

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  2. Bogie New Member

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    We use a 10 horse gas motor on the Snohomish and Sky.Goes up river just fine but doesn't break any speed records.Don't use it on the Yak as I think it is illegal there.Electric motor will not handle many parts of those rivers.Plus you need the extra power to maintain control going down river to get to where you are going to fish especially on the Snohomish since we put in on the Snoqualmie and have to go about a mile downstream to start fishing.
  3. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    I use a 9.9 on mine. I'd say go with gas over electric. Unless you're sidedrifting/boondoggin with it, then electric is fine. As said, don't expect any speed records. And sometimes, you may not be making it up some chutes with it.

    If you can wait, may be able to make you a helluva deal on an evinrude 9.9. Going to have my 3 motors dropped off into the shop to be reconditioned. One doesn't work, so will be parts motor. Hope to have them picked up tomorrow in fact. Sorry, I'm keeping the one with an electric start. LOL. But both were good runners. Just been sitting (I sold my jetsled almost 2 years ago and let my Dad borrow my other motor until he got his new yamaha kicker). Heck, guy may be able to get all three running. I bought the third one as a parts motor, but never ripped it apart. So may have two to sell. LOL.