Electric motors on selective gear lakes......

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by jbrodie, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Maybe old news to some of you. I picked up the new regs yesterday while I was getting some leaders and was surprised to see electric motors are now legal in selective gear lakes. With all of the general lakes available allowing electric motors and the small number of selective and fly only lakes it seems selective lakes don't need the additional pressure. Now when you are blown off a selective lake in your pontoon or float tube you will be able to watch people trolling with their boats dragging up to 3 flies or lures. Just doesn't seem to be in the spirit of selective fisheries. Sorry about the whining but this is my first regs complaint posted here. Jim.
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    I have not read the new regs....does that include Pass Lake?
  3. Couleeflyfisher Member

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    Regs. state that motors prohibited on Pass Lake, Fly fishing only.
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    Merrill Lake is the only FF'ing only lake that I know of that you can use an electric motor.

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    Just goes to show us the game dept. don't care about quality waters or die hard fishermen/fisherwomen that are willing to work for there enjoyment.
    My little group has been talking about when this would happen for years,now it has..Bad deal...
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    I believe that the WDF&G has always allowed electric motors on selective
    waters except when specifically listed in the regs ( like Pass lake)
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    I believe most fly fishing lakes have no electric motors regulations...while most selective fishery lakes allow electric motors. At least, that was true a few years ago.
  8. sportsman Active Member

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    I don't believe anything has changed regarding selective lakes: what I find outrageous are the guys that leave their GAS OB's on the transom!:mad: If that isn't illegal it damn well should be!!!
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    The proposed rule change was in this year's proposals - it was to allow electirc motors on all waters with selective gear restrictions including fly waters. See the attached link for the proposal and written comments recieved -

    This proposal was #1 - just click on the underline heading in the left hand column.

    4 of the 5 people that comment were in favor of the change.

    RPL/LL -
    Rather than the "game dept. don't care about quality waters or die hard fishermen/fisherwomen that are willing to work for there enjoyment." It looks to me that those die hard fishermen/women don't care enough to get involved in protecting their interest.

    BTW - the second proposal was to require knotless nets on selective waters which also passed.

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  10. Keith Hixson Active Member

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    Last fall I went fly fishing on Browns Lake in Pend Oreille County. Fly fishing only, no electric motors. I fished with a long time friend who had helped develop and advance the lake as a fly fishing only lake years and years ago. Three years ago he had a couple of cancerous tumors removed from his knee. They took out much of the muscle and and rebuilt it with muscle from his back. He's in his early 70's and has been an avid flyfisherman all his life. Now he can't fish on his favorite lake because he is so disabled its difficult to row. Several years ago before the surgery he would fish Browns Lake quite often. Now he can only fish the lake when one of his friends goes along to row. He said that he can rig up an electric motor and do just fine in other lakes but he misses his fishing on Browns Lake.
    Point: Several years ago my friend and I would have been against electric motors on all fly fishing only lakes. But, when age and circumstances change your ability to fish as usual then your opinions sometimes change. Just remember, you younger folks, there may be a time when you wish the law would change to meet your needs. Don't rush to judgments so quickly. Maybe they could allow handicap folks to fish with an electric motor. When we get too legalistic sometimes it will come back to haunt us. It did my friend and me.

  11. Smalma Active Member

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    I hear you about getting older. Decades ago I remember reading that the Cascade Range was a "young mountian range". I'm now convicned they were correct - there is no doubt that many of the streams that I frequent are now much longer and steeper than they were just 40 years ago - the mountains must have gotten taller!

    Regarding your friend - There is all ready an exception on Fly only waters that a person with a disability permit can use spin casting gear and a casting bubble rather than fly gear. If you and your buddy would like to see the use of electric motors on fly water it would be fairly simple to include that with the gear exception for the same folks. Of course you would have to submit a proposal for the change and as with the others it would go out for comments from the public. Based on the earlier comments on this topic such a proposal may not recieve much support or it may be greeted with the normal apathy of anglers allowing it to fly under the radar and be passed by the WDFW commission.

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  12. tippet hardcore flyfishing addict

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    This IS a change in the regulations that takes effect May 1. In the past, electric motors were not allowed on selective gear lakes unless they were specifically authorized in the regs(such as at Amber Lake and Big Twin Lake). Now, the opposite is true. Electric motors are allowed on selective gear lakes,except where prohibited in the regulations. It is still very important to get a copy of the latest regulations and check the specific regulations for each lake you fish if you want to use an electric motor. This is a real boon for older, arthritic flyfishermen such as my fishing buddy who can now use an electric motor on the back of his pontoon boat on alot more lakes without fear of being blown to the other end of the lake. It's a blessing for me, too. Now, I won't have to tow him in against the wind when he gets worn out anymore!!!
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    Lone Lake is a selective fishery with no motor restrictions. In fact, if you check the Island County ordinances you'll find it has a 45 MPH speed limit. Sorta like float tubing on I-5 at times.
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    Tippet, I would have no problem with people that have physical problems using an electric motor. This is not the case however. They could have allowed people that have disabled parking privileges to use them or some similar method of control. The change in rules this year just invites those too lazy to row a boat to use selective fisheries. I don't think any reasonable person would deny access to the disabled. Jim.
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    I don't see any problem with this. Many of these lakes require a short hike anyway. Every tried to carry a trolling motor and trolling battery a 1/4 mile???

    I like to take my wife and\or kids along sometimes. Can't do that in my float tube ;) We like to troll flies in some of these selective lakes. For example, rattlesnake lake has been selective + electric motors allowed, and it is a great family fishing lake.
  16. KerryS Ignored Member

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    One could re-word your reply to read "The changes in rules this year was invited by those too lazy to care about proposed rule changes to selective fisheries."

    Instead of complaining about rule changes perhaps you should pay more attention to proposed rule changes in the first place. As Smalma pointed out only 5 people commented on this proposed rule change and 4 of those that commented were in favor of it. The system works if you work it.
  17. Scott Behn Active Member

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    As the old saying goes if you don't vote, you don't have a right to bitch...

  18. Tony Mull Member

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    if your friend has a documented disability, such as one that would qualify him for a disabled parking permit, he should be able to get an exception to the rule. he should write a letter explaining his situation and ask for "reasonable accomodation" to allow him to use the resource. I don't think the state can legally refuse him. There's tons of case law regarding exceptions to almost every rule you can think of and the rulings are all based on the 1964 civil rights act (protected all minorities, not just those of color) and the 1978 fair housing act. Probably end up with a letter giving him exception which he will need to carry around with him. :thumb: