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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Evan Burck, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Now that I've stepped up the size of my craft to a 12' pontoon, I need to grab an electric pump capable of getting the bladders mostly inflated. I'm looking at pumps that can hook up to my car battery.

    The Outcast Hurricane seems like a pretty solid deal. What other pumps can others recommend in the same price range?
  2. The majority of the advice given earlier here on the forum, pointed me to the LVM. I have not been disappointed spending a bit more money. It inflates my WaterMaster to 2.0 psi. That leaves 12 pump strokes with a K200 to fill each chamber to 3.0 psi. Everything about the LVM pump seems to be more heavy duty, and some of the components can be replaced, so you can take advantage of its longevity. http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product_list.asp?deptid=1114
  3. That's one that is definitely on the top of my list. I just don't know if I can swing the extra money. Hopefully I can pull it off.
  4. LVM
    NRS Blast
    Hurricane (you've probably used this one of mine...cheaper but only hits 1.5psi)
  5. Nrs sells replacement parts for the lvm pump for a reason. They will eventually fail. Every single one of the parts save the motor has failed on mine. I have had it for well over 12 years so I think I got my moneys worth. I would just get one of these now. http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product.asp?pfid=1713&pdeptid=1113
  6. shawn k,

    Would you care to elaborate on your frequency of usage, and the LVM parts that have failed?

    I hope the British manufacturer has made quality improvements over the last 12+ years. I bought mine this year and had to wait a couple of months due to more than one retailer citing high demand for the pump. Regardless, we could all benefit from knowing a bit more about your first hand experience.
  7. I've used my LVM just 8 times since I got it in May and haven't seen the other models. I've noticed sticky power switches on mine and a WFF loaner. But I like mine. Like Gregg, 60 seconds per chamber on my Kodiak to 2 lbs, then 20 to 25 strokes with the high pressure stage of my K40

    ...and any preventive maintenance we should do. Inquiring minds want to know...
  8. I just used my Hurricane to pump up my water master kodiak. 45 seconds per chamber. It filled to 1.5 pounds. I put 30 strokes with the K-200 in the back and 25 in the front and have it right at 3.0 psi. The seahawks game had me down so I figured I'd fill up the kodiak and measure it for a friend that is helping me with a tinkering project. It almost made me forget that the seahawks were miserable, then I saw the thread I started had a bunch of replies. I'm glad I'm a transplant from the Midwest and follow another team (which barely won themselves today)
  9. HEY EB... You are getting a fine LVM pump free... need another one?
  10. Wasn't aware that was in the deal. Glad to hear I'm getting the one I really want :D
  11. A buddy of mine has an electric pump, though I don't know the brand or model. To save wear and tear on the pump, he initially inflates each bladder in his raft with the valve in the open position so it doesn't have to work as hard. The valve is closed after each bladder is fairly full and then each chamber is "topped off" with a hand pump.
  12. The main issue is the pump gets real hot. They use cheap plastic parts and the soldering melts.

    This piece melted and broke.

    The soldering melted off this part of the pump And the tab broke

    The the soldering that holds the cable together melted.

    The guys at the place where I bought my raft said that the pumps work great but they arent very durable. He said the motors usually burn out on them too.
  13. Thanks for the specifics shawn k!

    I think we can take some preventative measures to mitigate over-heating. I usually inflate my WaterMaster using the procedure Bruce Baker posted above. Perhaps I will 100% of the time now! Just in case the manufacturer has not made appropriate design changes.

    shawn k... How large is your raft? How long was the pump run continuously when it failed? Valves in open or closed position, if applicable?

    Anyone else experience this issue on a more recently manufactured LVM pump (say, in the last 5 years)?
  14. Somewhere I think I was advised to NOT run a pump off the car battery when the car was running...only run it off the battery when the car's engine is OFF.

    Not sure if this is right or not, but I think I heard that running the pump when the car was running was very tough on the pump.

    Anyone care to verify or shoot down?
  15. I've heard the same thing. I'd just advise starting the car for a bit between chambers to make sure you don't get stranded out there.
  16. It takes less than two minutes to inflate my 12' Maxxon tubes with an LVM pump, and the pump only gets barely warm. I don't run the truck engine when inflating the tubes either, the extra alternator voltage can warm a delicate pump up quickly. That short period won't run your car battery down either, unless maybe you have a bad battery anyway.
  17. My lvm is going on many years of use. Sometimes it gets warm but that's it. I use it with the valves in the closed position and have had no problems. It's a nice piece of equipment. That and a small K pump make a good combination. I've never run my battery down either.
  18. Sorry, I apologize, Riverman.
  19. I use a cheap air mattress pump that cost me $30, and has lasted 2+ years. (I always pump with the valve open) I think it has over 150 days of use in that time and hasn't failed yet. I top it off with a K-Pump 100. (pump with this with the valve closed)
  20. rule 12 volt inflator/deflator. 1/2 the cost of an LVM if you search the web...I bought mine a few years ago for $62. Looks exactly like the LVM, but the impellar is a silimeter smaller.http://www.boatersland.com/rulid20.html

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