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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Evan Burck, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. I have a MV-50 12V air compressor. A lot of offroaders use these as they are cheap and awesome for the price ($35). Their output for the price is great and they're long lasting too. Airs up all four of my 35's in about 10 mins. I haven't tried in on a boat, but I plan to.

    Anyone else use these?
  2. I have a Rule 12V on order from Amazon at about $73 so we'll see. For the smaller boats you can do some inflation at home--enough to cut time but to fit in the back of an SUV or throw on top for short trips. I use a 120V pump I got for around $10 at Walmart and it inflates my Renegade in about two minutes. It does need topping off with a hand pump.
  3. I wanted to add my choice. it is this one:


    I have used this pump for over 15 years with no problems what so ever. Oh, it got dropped and broke a piece of the housing off, but with patched that. And occasionally the lever falls off, but it works like a charm. I recommend getting a gauge too. Just like car tires, have all chambers inflated the same helps.
  4. I'd been using the foot pump that came with my Water Master until last month when I picked up a cheap electric pump at Cabela's for $15. Altho that was a sale price, I expect the quality is low, but a friend has one that has been in service for 2 or 3 years on his pontoon boat.

  5. I've had my LVM for ten years,used it hundred of times never had a problem.Well worth the bucks.
  6. So far, the Rule has been perfect. It's only been a couple of months though. It doesn't get hot and inflates the Renegade in 2 minutes tops, probably less. K-Pump is a new addition, sweet instrument for top off.

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