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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by musashi, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. Anybody have a good condition quality smoker to sell (no Chiefs please)? I thought I check here since I don't mind reused items. I can pick up in Seattle proper.

  2. How about a Bradley smoker? I have one I dont really use anymore.
  3. send me a pm of your phone number. Thanks!
  4. I suggest getting one with a PID. Sucks having to fool with temp all the time.
  5. Why not a Chief?
  6. Some people don't enjoy wasting an entire day smoking fish.
  7. So how much time is saved using (what) other smokers? I always used a little chief years ago when I was smoking fish -- now have a like new big chief that's been sitting idle in it's box for 12+ years.
  8. Actually, a chief is a cold smoker, and truly get a true "smoked fish" out of them. Hell, the Native Americans spent DAYS with their fish. But it was more of a salmon jerky by time they're done. But people who want that actually dry smoked salmon need the "chiefs" (lil or big). Pretty easy and no fuss when it comes to "dialing it in". I love my propane smoker, but dialing down a cold smoke is a science with one.
  9. Cold or hot, I don't have an entire day to smoke fish. We've used one of the chiefs for 30+ years but I've always been able to just brine it and give it to my dad. Fish always turned out excellent. Without that luxury, I have to opt for something a bit quicker.
  10. Lol a hot smoke won't take all day. If it does your temp ain't what it says. Only a cold smoke takes all day. If you want more of a cooked fish with smoke then go with your hot smoke. But a true "smoked fish" will take all day via cold smoke.
  11. Btw i bought my first smoker at 9, so have the 30+ years on my own. ;)
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