Eliminate steelhead fishing?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by BFK, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Well said Mike. I agree with you on everything you said.
  2. I hear ya Mike. But other than sending e-mails to Mr. Anderson, what kind of real action (something that will have an impact) do you suggest a person take in regards to this situation?
  3. The folks you should be contacting are the legislators. They are the ones who will put real pressure on the budget wonks and WDFW to make the right decisions.

    The argument that is likely to have the most effect is that a closure will have an economic effect that will be widespread. Stress that it will cause a loss in sales tax revenue--perhaps use your own fishing expenditures as an example. Sport fishing produces a LOT more tax revenue than commercial fishing (got this from an old state study comparing the two); sport fishing is a revenue generator.
  4. everything i can think of is illegal :(
  5. Doesn't matter, commercial fishing generates a lot more in campaign contributions than sport fishing. Get ready, evey last healthy run of fish is about to get wiped. lovely.
  6. I remember a while back that Mr Scoones put together a couple of form letters on a similar issue. Is anyone out there talented enough to set something up like that ? Remember the state is counting on apathy just giving up is playing right into their hands. MK
  7. This letter should be interesting. Are you all demanding that the hatcheries be held open? Are you demanding a C&R season for listed fish that don't make escapement? Will it be a letter that discusses mismanagement?

    Seems to me, that closing PS steelhead hatcheries is the best example of good management in a long time. For once the fish are being put first, and this is gonna generate public outcry? I gotta tell you all, I am baffled.

    Go Sox,
  8. just cant rock the roadside spots.

    closing steelhead would be great for fish and fishing

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