elkhorn traveler 1wt vs TFO finesse

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  1. I am going to be buying a 1 wt rod in the next couple months. I am looking for something between 6'6"-7"6" Wanting to spend $250 or less. The only 2 rods ive found are the elkhorn traveler and the tfo finesse. Has anyone cast either of these rods? Have a recommendation on another rod in that price range? Or know someone that does custom builds for a reasonable price?
    thanks for any info you can pass my way!
  2. This may not be a lot of help. I can't recommend the tfo finesse because I haven't cast that particular rod, but I love my tfo 3 and 5 weight rods. I highly recommend them
  3. I have an Orvis 1wt & a TFO. Between the two, the Orvis is slower & more delicate; I can throw a bit more line with the TFO. I've never tried an Elkhorn rod, but the sub-weights are fun!
  4. Just something too think about, in that short of length I'd definitely go with glass, a one wt is really pointless imo, a 3wt or 4wt glass rod would be more versatile, and would be way more fun to cast and fish then graphite. Almost every light line graphite rod I've owned really
    needed to be over lined to load properly, not with glass....

    If small streams and small fish are what you are after, glass is the perfect fit. You also have many choices now with Orvis, Echo and Redington getting into glass at the price point you are looking at. I've owned and cast a number of light line graphite rods and I'll take glass any day over graphite for these situations. Good luck.....
  5. Mark has a good point my 2wt CT really wants a 3wt line, and throws it with no problems. I've given the TFO 1wt a little wiggle in the shop. It seems like it might be the same. Strangely the little Cabela's TQR 2wt feels more like a true 1wt or even a 0wt.
  6. I have TFO Finesse rod but in a 3wt. I really like the rod for small stream fishing. I haven't tried any smaller weight rod yet. Don't know if I need one of those.
  7. +1 On a 3wt glass over a 1wt graphite. Much more versatile, but has the same "feel" fighting minnows.
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  8. The TFO Finesse 1wt is my go-to rod for small stream trout fishing. I would recommend looking at it. I don't have much to compare it with, but seeing that I only use it for 10-20' casts, the make/model doesn't really matter much. I chose graphite because its lighter weight and I prefer the feel over glass. It really just matters what your personal preference is.

    Finding a cheap reel for a rod this small is the biggest challenge. I settled for an Orvis Battenkill I click pawl, which is just shy of $100 i believe. I lined it with a 2wt DT and it balances just right.
  9. I've had the TFO 1wt for a few years now with the orvis battenkill 1 as well except I have it lined with a 1wt DT. I love the set up and use it a bunch with no complaints. As far as the earlier comments about a 1 wt being worthless, I disagree, but these sorts of things are personal preference and you'll get a ton of different answers. As far as a glass version being a better option, that may very well be true, but I have not tried a glass rod and cannot compare. I would only say that although the TFO may not be the best option, it is at the very least a good one. Hope that helps.

  10. Does anyone have experience with the Cabela's CGt rods yet? I was going to build a 3 wt rod for small creeks this winter but was having a tough time finding a blank shorter than 6'. Then I noticed that the new catalog shows a 5'9'' 3 wt for $149. I can't build a rod for that but am confused by just a one year warranty. The TQR series has a 10 year warranty but not a 3 wt in the length I need.

    I'm not sure it really matters, there may not be a year left on my warranty!

  11. Ive, don't waste your time, they are crapy !!!! I have two of the CGR's and love them, so figured the CGT would be similar so I ordered one, they are not. Completely different animals, the CGT's feel and cast like a heavy graphite rod with no soul, I over lined it by two wt's and it still sucked, sent it back the next day.... Of course this is just my opinion but thought you'd like to know....

  12. Mark, thanks for the heads-up. I'm sure you can distinguish good from bad in a fly rod and I'll take your word for it. It is a pain to get something up here on the tundra then have to return it. Cablela's isn't the easiest outfit to return things to.

    Thanks again, Ive

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