Elwah Dam removal & Steelhead recovery

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  1. KUOW had a nice, long piece on the Elwah Dam removal and its effect on steelhead recovery this morning on Morning Edition. The addressed the role of hatcheries head on, without sugar-coating it, although some of us might think it was a little too 'even handed.'

    We're extremely fortunate to have two such well-regarded public radio stations in the Seattle area (KUOW and KPLU). What other broadcast media would ever consider doing an in-depth piece on steelhead recovery?

    Read or listen to it here: http://earthfix.kuow.org/flora-and-fauna/article/in-largest-dam-removal-in-us-history-which-fish-ge/

  2. Thanks for sharing the link Dick. I agree that the piece was even-handed, especially the part where she pointed out that the promise to eventually discontinue the practice of using hatchery fish as a supplement was vague and non-specific. But given the station's broader target audience than the 'special interests' who frequent this forum, it's hard for me to imagine a more fair portrayal of the facts.

  3. Good to know. Thanks for sharing, Dick.

  4. Well there's yer problem. Perhaps we need to rethink the hatchery environment to produce higher-quality, close-to-wild fish, at least on streams where the endgame is to fully restore wild fish populations.

    PS: I'm sure that's not an original idea, but I'm new to this whole hatchery v wild debate, so I'm not up to date on all this stuff. :confused:
  5. Natural selection has never needed a "helping hand". The arrogance of man.
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  6. You think that by now it would be common knowledge that hatchery raised fish #1 have a much poorer survival rate than do their wild counterparts, and #2 hatchery fish interbreeding with wild fish dilute the gene pool. But no, hatcheries are a government backed ideology, so common sense does not apply. It's jobs and put & take fish to satisfy the masses. Don't get me started on government BS
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  7. If you take excellent care of the habitat, the animals will respond. There was a time in Georgia when there was growing momentum to produce red drum (redfish) in hatcheries to augment the sport fishery. When it was pointed out that protecting the estuarine wetlands, restricting harvest of juvenile and spawning age fish, and promoting catch and release, well, there aren't any redfish hatcheries in Georgia.
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  8. Like puttin lipstick on a pig, anyway you look at it, its still a pig.
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