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  1. I am looking at doing an overnighter on the Elwha with a couple of friends. Anyone fished it lately? I heard this is the best time to hit this river. What should I be looking at bringing as far as flies?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  2. My brother and I were just there this last weekend. We fished upstream from the canyon camp. We had a great time. I wish we could have stayed longer. Make sure you have some 10 and 12 stimmys in the box. We had the most success in pocket water that was 5 to 10 feet deep. Those rainbows are feisty. What a beautiful place.
    We also ran into a bear on the way out. In the second photo that black blob is him. He was very nonchalant and didn't seem to mind us at all. Good luck out there.
  3. I second Dave on stimulators (orange / burnt orange). I also suggest black ants and termite imitations. Also, there should be some gray drakes (size 12 - in the evening), yellow sallies (size 16 - at midday) and BWOs (size 18 and smaller - at dusk). There are more fish per mile around Altair and downstream, and bigger fish, but fewer, in the Humes Ranch section.


    P.S., Hmmm, a bruin.... I have not seen a black bear (or cougar) during many hikes to/from Humes Ranch area, but that thought is always in my head as I'm hiking back to my vehicle after a full day of fishing with just a head lamp (if I remember) or the last glow of evening to light the trail. I guess that the adrenalin makes the trip shorter...

  4. I'm heading up there next weekend. I'll try to post a report.
  5. Spent last weekend at the Mary's Falls camp. Great weather. Fishing was a little slow. The best time seemed to be in the evening when a larger pale mayfly (size 12ish) was hatching. Didn't catch a ton of fish but they were all pretty sizable and feisty as hell. saw a black bear on the way out too. Scared the sh*t out of us at first, but once we realized he wasn't interested in attacking us, it was fun to watch. Great place. I'll definately go back.
  6. Last time I fished the Elwha was in the month of October and I saw little yellow stones coming off (sallies?) and switched to a yellow bodied humpy and had a fine day landing trout on dries. I was glad I had this fly in the box cuz I don't carry it often. It saved the day.
  7. What's the weather been like? It's not freezing at night yet, is it?
  8. This morning the town was around 38 degrees, the snow level came down quite a bit, but the exciting thing is there's some rain in the forecast. If you're thinking about coming up and want some relaxation just remember that the bottom end of the river opens up for silvers on 10/1. Upper end is still producing some nice fish, but the dam has been jacking with the river level. Still, there's some fish making their presence known.
  9. Awesome, that's nice and chilly. Thanks for the input.
  10. Up in the valley last weekend it was probably about 65-70 during the day and ~40 at night. It was a sunny weekend though. Don't know what the forecast is like now...

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