Emergency Warning to Fly Tyers on the forum

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by John Dude, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I'd second that plug as that's where I learned to tie. Every week you will be tying a popular pattern, each one increasing in difficulty, that you can use for any type of trout species.

    I met some great people that really knew how to tie..
  2. What ever you do fish the first flies you tie. You will be suprised when you hook something. If you stick with it in a bout a year look back at those first ties - shake your head- and then say - hey they caught me fish.

    Have fun with it. And yes the Kaufman Book is awsome. DVDs and video footage is pricless as is hands on experience at the table with experts of course. I think globalflysiher.com had a good article on organization, good habits, and speed.

    Welcome to the addiction. $295 for the starter kit won't compare when you look at your fly tying desk in a couple of years and see $2,950 of material lol.
  3. I've found some good books and dvd's at the local library. As mentioned above the vidoes on utube are great.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    I ended up taking a class at Creekside, buying a bunch of books, and just got a Renzetti Traveler vise.

    I might start showing up at fly-tying gettogethers in the winter or spring - I heard there are good demos at the fly fishing show in E-burg

    John Dude

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