Enchanted Village (for adults, aka The Enchantments) warning: no fishing stoke

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  1. Figured I'd throw up my 'summer vacation' as a TR for you guys in case anybody is at work and looking for a mental vacation. I know trip reports have helped me a ton of times when midday sets in. This was my summer vacation, as time and money are two things I have had little of lately (far less money than time though, lol) as I've been spending any time/money on the launch of my new company mobspot.com. That being said, when our names were drawn in the lottery for Enchantments passes earlier this year I knew it'd be something I couldn't miss, even if the gas money may cause my bank account to hit zero (only half kidding... :rofl:)

    Anyways, the Enchantments. Pretty sick stuff and worth the legwork to get there. It's very reminiscent of the Sierra, granite and sick alpine scenery, like a more scenic/far less traveled version of Desolation Wilderness. Enough nouns and verbs, a couple pics to do the talking (they're worth 1k words, right?)

    Running from a sasquatch that caught wind of our beef jerky and whiskey stash. Don't have to be the fastest, just have to be faster than the fattest.

    Day 1 eyegasm. Original plan was to cross Aasgard Pass (saddle on far end of pic), but once we saw Colchuck we knew we had to spend a night there. Threw flies and gear with zero luck. Saw a guy before us pull up ~10" though. They were surfacing pretty frequently, but it wasn't a full apeshit rolling boil like I've seen at some of the lakes in the Tuolumne area.

    Cool take on a cairn

    Cool little tarn on east side of Dragontail. My pics don't do the colors of the area justice, I didn't realize I had a crap filter on my camera that I thought I took off last time I came back w/ crap pics. :beathead:

    A horribly unscenic place for lunch

    Furinals. I call the guy on the left Bemis and the one on the right Kohler.

    Whiskey bar at 7500 feet. All of us brought flasks, my buddy Chris brought about a gallon of Wild Turkey!

    Camp below Little Annapurna

    Water crossing and a glimpse of larch. The area is known for larch, and it didn't disappoint, but I think we were about a week too late for the prime color as they weren't that bright bright yellowy color.

    Aaaand that's about it. Didn't take that many pics even though I lugged my camera the whole way.
  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing your trip with us even though you didn't fish.
  3. i get alot of shit for it but i kick over 95 percent of all the carins i encounter.

    looks like a great trip though.
  4. Bigdood...where are you going next...keep this stuff coming!
  5. It's not uncommon. A lot of people feel they 'own' a spot and do the same.

    Man....wish I could say my next trip was someplace epic, but I've got from 60 to 0 income wise over the past two years so most of my trips are likely happy hour bar hopping bike trips in Portland, lol. I'll bring a camera along though. For real tho I've got the huge jones to get into some fish after barely casting a fly/lure in the Enchantments (with the scenery there didn't take the urgency I thought it would), hopefully a trip here locally soon....though w/ the forecast I may do a scouting tour or two on the splitty.
  6. The mountain goat porn is sweet.
    Looks like a great trip.
  7. What dates were you up there? I would love to be up there when the Larches are going off.
  8. Was there last week, Tuesday thru Friday.
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  9. Self-serving bump cuz I'm going Sunday thru Friday and WILL be fishing a ton this time
  10. best of luck my man!
  11. When you were up there, did the goats drink your pee? When I was up there, they were going nuts for pee. they'd lick it off the ground all night. Kinda creepy. I have a friend who was up there last week and said the goats would follow you when you took a leak. Probably a salt thing.

    When I went last year it was too early to be able to make it up Asgard. So we were "stuck" at Colchuck. Found some rainbows up to about 15 or 16 inches. Good luck.
  12. Yup, it's a salt thing. They always say if you want a picture with a goat in a particular spot pee there and they'll be there! What's nasty is if you zoom in on my goat pics from last year their beards are kinda yellow....

    There are far less scenic places in the world to get stuck Cruik!
  13. That's from chewin' and spittin' tobacco. It's how they deal with the taste of pee in their mouths all the time...
  14. Great report and awesome photos! bd
    enjoy the "mental vacation" with you! : )
  15. iagree

    I'm with you Dustin. Most cairns are unnecessary at best, misplaced and dangerous at worst. Generally, they were unnecessary and intrusive in the landscape. Unless they are absolutely necessary for SAFE navigation, the best thing we can all do is kick 'em down and let the folks behind discover the wild lands for themselves.
  16. Actually, the Leave No Trace ethic says cairns should be removed whenever possible -- and it's the poeple who feel they 'own' the place that erect their own personal monuments in the shape of cairns. As somehow who has spent the better part of his adult life working with the USFS and non-profit trail associations, I can honestly say that 99% of all the cairns in U.S. wildlands are unnecessary and frequently misleading (marking the wrong routes, often dangerously so. etc.) At best, cairns are an intrusion that prevent the people coming after the cairn builders from experiencing the wildlands to their fullest.

    Kicking cairns is an act of reclaiming the wilderness from those who want to mark those land as their own.
  17. Here's a couple pics from this year's trip there. Was interesting to see it there year, about a month earlier than last year but a high snow year. The larch were JUST starting to get some yellow in them on the latter half of our trip. Last year we only saw two goats and they stuck with us the whole time, this year over a dozen goats. Didn't really get my Ansel Adams on this trip, just did a bunch of quick snaps, so nothing terribly exiting to look at, but hey a bit of a mental vacation is better than none when at work right?

    Fogged in to start the day on the way up to Colchuck.

    Lunch spot. Last year's was under 5+ feet of snow still.

    Got up to take a piss one morn and the sun was just starting to come up. The colors were insane, especially when contrasted with the gray clouds that were pushing in. Grabbed the camera and snapped a quick pic, but as I wear contacts and didn't have 'em in it's a bit out of focus...though if your eyesight is like mine and you take your contacts/glasses off this may be in focus for ya :rofl:

    Random patch of wildflowers 2/3 of the way up Asgaard. I think these are usually in bloom in June, but due to the snow cover this year September was the new June.

    Crap, just looked at the clock and have to head out (that's why I don't login here much, kills too much time!). Will keep this going later...
  18. I know you guys have some pure motives here, but the enchantments are another story. The trail is hard to follow in a lot of spots and I've never been so happy as to have the cairns to follow. Particularly, the trek up aasgard pass and through a lot of the granite slabs in the actual enchantments zone.

    I don't think either of you have hiked through that area or you'd know that they're completely necessary on this particular hike.
  19. Yes carins do have one place where i leave them, marking routes on alpine talus fields. They should be placed so that the next is visable (preferably on the horizon line) of the next critical trail point. Like dan said, they have there place, but 95 percent of the carins ive encountered do not fit that role.

    In addition, they are dangerous. They often encouage people who are unable to navigate without them into the backcountry. Then it snows. Then your lost. Just an example and something to consider.

    I have encountered mainly 2 types of people in regards to carin kickers.... the ones who kick, and the rest who get mad at us for it, and neither side seems to want to compromise. (just my experience)
  20. Well said.
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