Enough already, Simms.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jack Devlin, Aug 11, 2013.

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  2. Free advertizing. They can't go wrong.
  3. Just tell everyone that your last name is Simms and you own the company. They'll think you are a god.

    Years ago I bought a Simms vest. I spent a bit of time with a thread ripper trying to remove the embroidered name on the breast pocket flap. I got most of it but not all.

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  4. Three adds/boot, plus how many more on the waders, gators, vest/rain jacket, ad infinitum. One of the reasons I don't do Simms anymore.
  5. Those stiff plastic logos on the tongues are just the dumbest ever. Fortunately a few minutes with a seam ripper will return the tongue to it's intended purpose.
    I would use the word 'tacky' to describe all the commercial grafitti on those boots but they are comfortable and lightweight.
    I just got some new LLBean waist high waders that take the opposite approach-tasteful. They have a modest label on the belt loop that simply says: LLBean
    Since 1912
    Quality Guaranteed

    With over 100 years of excellence they don't need to skywrite.

  6. Gotta love the LLBean warranty & customer service. They really are in a one-team league
  7. Just found my seam ripper. I've been using it to cut thread when fly tying.
    Time to put it to work on the boots but first I have to remove the Wrangler label off my new jeans.:)
  8. They missed the shoe laces :) I remove a lot of advertisments from all my stuff. I even removed the Members Only logo from my work jacket. :D
  9. We have become a nation of walking billboards. I stopped off for a snack at a fast food restaurant yesterday. Place was filled with kids and young folks. Almost everybody had a tee shirt or hat with a logo.

    Then I looked down at my chest. ME TOO!
  10. Simms is overly impressed with their name. They fancy themselves a NASCAR entry.

    I have a feeling some companies are selling their name, not a product.
  11. Gene,
    Please assure me you don't really own a Members Only jacket? Please.......
  12. I dont know about that my bottom of the line simms boots are some of the most comfortable ive ever had for long walks in waders, I mean have you ever heard anyone complain about their products?

    I am not sold on fancy waders the ones I use the most are the LL Bean waist high ones Ive was talking about, but there is no way I am going back to cheap boots.
  13. I for one, had a problem with Simms waders and my dealing with their service dept was less than a joyful experience... so yeah, I've heard of someone who had a complaint about Simms.

    However, my wife likes her Simms waders and boots so I'm the odd guy out... but I won't buy Simms products after my encounter with their customer service department.

    No problem. I don't go on a vendetta against companies that give me less than satisfactory service, I simply don't buy their products.
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  14. That would make him the last member, right? Oh, after George anyways.
  15. One word, btw: Filson. Nobody knows I am wearing the hat. Nobody knows I am wearing the vest. But, it f'ing WORKS every single time it rains, and every single time the sun shines, and every single time I pull on the good leather attached to the good brass zippers. Filson.
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  16. My $375 filson wading jacket (a gift, I'd never spend that kind of coin) failed after 10 or so wears. They handled it to my liking, and I continue to buy filson products, but no company is perfect.
  17. Common guys Simms is the industry leader in flat brimmed hats and puffy jackets cut them some slack

  18. My Simms Freestone boots my lady got me 100 fishing trips ago are holding up beautifully. Who cares about the logos!
  19. I love my Simms gear; waders, boots, jackets etc. They have always been good to me. And the stuff lasts and lasts.
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  20. No worries! Simms ROCKS!!
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