Enough already, Simms.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jack Devlin, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Same goes for me.
  2. I use a black indelible ink pen to eliminate or minimize the logo's on most of my gear.
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  3. I have never been concerned about logos on my stuff or anybody else's for that matter. Seems a waste of good time that could be spent doing something productive. Most of the time I never notice what brand of gear others are wearing. I purchase gear based on performance not brand, current trends or popularity.
  4. No one has said that Simms isn't good equipment. What is being implied here is that product design and marketing have impinged upon function and utility. Good design means everything to a product but there is a fine line between good design and overdesign. Logo mania puts Simms on the threshold of crossing that line. In the case of the Headwaters boot, if they had spent the money they wasted on logos on a one inch longer tongue they would have a perfect product.

    Eight logos on two boots? C'mon Simms, that is six more than are on a $400,000 Ferrari.

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  5. Logos and brand names are important!!
    Case in point. I spent over 800.00 bucks an a set of fancy Michelins for a truck I had. The tire installer asked weather I wanted the back or white lettering out. I said "The white lettering, if I am going to spend that kind of cash for tires I damn well want somebody to notice".:p
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  6. I used to participate in a crusade against legible clothing after reading that it was a clear sign of low class trashiness. And that the only reason to wear legible clothing is if it were free. Imagine the genius of the guy who figured out that moreons will pay $15 for a baseball cap with an advertising logo on it, when companies used to give them away for free. If you're over 30, that is.

  7. Can't do that, Jack. If you haven't noticed, they are making a comeback. Applets man, applets!! :D:D
  8. Good one. I get it. But.........be ready for OLD MAN to correct your spelling.:)
  9. This is how they should advertise their boots.

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  10. Siskiyoublues,
    I think we should take up a collection to get you a new pair of boots.
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  11. I was wondering if I spelled that correctly and figured one of the grammar/spelling Nazis here would let me know if I didn't... kind'a like a built in WFF spell check. :p
  12. You guys got to much time on your hands.... Go fishing
  13. Hello Kitty stickers on stripping baskets and blacked out simms gear is the new in thing.
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  14. Shucks wouldn't that be nice. Luckily (Unfortunately?) I've got another pair on the way. I was just trying to squeeze these suckers to the 12 month point. Got stuck at eleven.
  15. I'm sorry, but Simms is SUPER smart. Kids nowadays want that. How are you going to attract the new generation of flyfisherman? Lots of logos. My son likes them, his friends like them, most of the teens I know love them (logos that is). I just put their clothes, I'm not worried about the logos. I work for a company that has for YEARS put logos over everything. Product is good, so I'm not too worried about the logos I have on them.
  16. bass.png
    Heck ya! Notice how he long arms the Dew and not the bass.
  17. Plenty of brands have had massive and multiple logos on their gear, but if the gear didn't hold up, the brand would fade and disappear. Simms is where they are because of the gear, not because of the logos.

  18. I agree. I had an interesting conversation with one of the guys at the Fly Fishing Shop in Welches a couple weeks ago about the changing demographic of fly fishing, who's dropping $$ in their shop and the brands these people are gravitating towards. It was his observation that it was more young people spending money and the stuff they generally bought was marketed in a particular way.

    At least in Simms case you can say they bring the steak with sizzle. My experience with their products as been that they've been well thought out, functional for fishing, and very durable.
  19. Can you be sure that's a real bass if it doesn't say BASS, like right behind the gills or something? I will say though that I haven't seen many 20" Dews like that I one!
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  20. I buy good gear and use it. Right now most stuff has a Simms logo on it. If I feel like I'm turning into a walking billboard, I'll buy another manufacturers good gear and use that. I'm still pretty loyal to that company out in Montana but there is a point where it becomes a bit much.
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