Epeorus (clinger) Nymph

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by trevally, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Tied these up for my trip to the Madison in early August. They worked very well.

  2. Looks great. Care to share the pattern?
  3. Keep it real. Rory... no offense bud, but have you ever had a bad day of fishing because trout can see you 5x tippet? It's the same idea. Also, when you show off your box with that stuff in it, it's like walking around in a speedo with a huge package.
  4. don't get me wrong, i know the more realistic the better, and my fly box has its fair share of interesting looking realistic flies, but those just look like they take soooo long to tie, don't know if its worth it.
  5. That looks just like a fly Mr. Hise down at Caster's ties....
  6. Trevally

    You've got a great profile going there. Given that these nymphs are flat, its all about the profile.

  7. Thanks for posting , and the link ! great flies.
  8. You know, round looks flat from every angle...:hmmm:
  9. I used to take a lot of time tying Eporeus and Hept nymphs like this. I fished em too with no more success than I have had with simpler nymphs such as PT's and GRHE's. Fun to tie but not more fishable, even on hard fished waters.
  10. I am new to tying, but my first reaction when I saw it was to show my wife and we both were impressed with how real it looked.

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