erratic screen width changes?

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  1. How come sometimes when you browse through the forum some pages are wide and you have to side scroll them, while others fit your screen perfectly? How can I fix it so it's always the latter?

  2. Eric, I was having the same problem. In the TOOLS drop down on my Internet Explorer browser I selected Compatibility View and that seems to have fixed the issue for me. This was suggested by a couple of other forum members when I asked about it. Not sure this will be the right fix for you or meet any "always" type criteria, but give it a shot. Ed
  3. Your first problem is that you're using Internet Exploder and not an actual good browser.

    Internet Exploder is the #1 browser.......... for downloading other browsers.
  4. Good morning Mr. Computer Wizard, that was not very nice! What other browser will miraculously fix all of my issues?
  5. Basically anything but IE. IE is not only super finnicky about the way it reads/displays html (creates nightmares for me when building websites sometimes), but it has security and stability issues... as well as just being stupid slow.

    My #1 recommendation is Google Chrome -
    Firefox is the most popular browser outside of IE... But I find Chrome to be superior -
  6. At work we square pegs have been pounded into the IE round hole. I'll give one of those a go at home and see how it works. As my home laptop ages and gets less reliable, I wonder how much of that is due to the web browsing. Thank you Mr. Wizard.
  7. Let's put it this way... The only people on the Microsoft campus that use IE are the IE team. All my friends that work there refuse to use it. That says something when their own browser isn't even the most used on their own campus (or so I've been told by friends who work there).
  8. So how do I fix it if I'm using Firefox?
  9. no idea... i don't use Firefox. I haven't had the problem in Chrome.
  10. Dammit Evan, thats not what I wanted to hear. Don't want to switch browsers. To hard. I am computer illiterate dammit!!!

    Okay, temper tantrum over. I'll try Chrome tonight. Any hints on switching browsers?
  11. There's nothing to it really. You can import your old bookmarks. Chrome also has a lot of nifty plugins like Firefox does... if you're in to that kind of thing.
  12. Just took a screenshot to compare. Chrome on left, Firefox on right. Notice Chrome has a much bigger viewing area overall from the cleaner interface. That's one thing I really like about it.

  13. I am using Chrome. Thanks Ed, I'll poke around and see if I can fix it.
  14. do you have a specific thread you're having an issue with? i haven't seen one that i can think of where i have to scroll side to side.
  15. but one easy fix: if a page spans left to right and you do have to scroll (usually an issue with an html glitch), you can hit ctrl - (ctrl key and minus key) to zoom out.
  16. Nope, I don't see anything in the Chrome preferences that would appear to fix the problem. I'm no wizard though.
  17. Viewing with Chrome at home. Screen looks a bit different and the font is different, but the page layout seems the same. I've not come across any photos that require me to scroll left or right as of yet.
  18. Overall Chrome does have a better appearance. The underlying issue though is this forum software. The last major "upgrade" was poorly written and I'll be migrating to a different application all together. That software is just getting out of beta and then I'll be re-testing everything. Your experience from there, regardless if you're using a good browser or IE, will be a lot better.

  19. Thanks Chris, looks great on all my machines and my hand held for when I'm supposed to be fishing.
  20. Thanks Chris.

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