Escargot anyone?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Stonefish, May 19, 2013.

  1. Just kidding, as I know Escargot comes from land snails.
    I fished a lake today I've fished in the past that has some extra large snails. I've caught trout from other lakes that were stuffed with small snails, but I've never seen a lake that had such population of large snails.
    I've caught some nice sized trout out of this before, so hopefully the planters are eating the snail offspring as they fatten up.
    There was a good thread a few years ago regarding snails being part of a trouts diet.

    Lakes 075.jpg Lakes 076.jpg Lakes 077.jpg
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  2. I recon those went in a heap easier than they're going to come out!
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  3. Those look like aquarium type snails. I'd turn some in to the local WDFW office.
  4. I was able to fish a stocked private lake a few times last season in Renton, and these snails look exactly like the snails that were in fish that I caught, albeit the ones Stonefish ahs posted are larger than what I found.

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