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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Clint F, May 21, 2008.

  1. Ok, this will be my fist time running a fly swap but have contributed in a few now. This swap is for estuary chinook flies. I was thinking 8 people other than me so every one will tie 8 flies. I was planning on the deadline being June 25th. I think this is enough time. So let me know what you will be tying. No offence beginners but I would like to try to keep this to the advanced group of tyers. :) Swap closes the 26th of May.

    Clint F

    1. Clint F-blue moon
    2. Zach M
    3.Cameron Derbyshire
    4.Slippery whippet
    6.Ron McNeal
    7.Steve Rohrbach
    8.Jake Bannon
  2. Hey clint i think i will get in this. not sure what im going to tie yet but i will figure it out soon enough. when are we going fishing?
  3. I dont know when we will get out together. Fishing has been on hold durring the week for school but as soon as summer comes I am free. I am just fishing on the weekends now.

  4. I'm in. I've got a pattern I know works well with estuary Coho, though I have not yet tried it on Chinook (yet), I have a feeling it will work there too. It is called the "Lava Swim".
  5. I'll play
  6. Sounds good everyone. I will update the list.

  7. Count me in.
  8. Got you Steve.

  9. Is there room for 1 more?
  10. Ok this swap is now closed since we are close to the due date. 7 flies sent to me by june 25th. I will send my address in a pm tonight.

  11. I finished mine up. I await your PM.

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  12. They look great Cameron. I am just making sure you know you only need one fly.
    I also got jake bannons today and they also look good.

  13. Clint I have tied up 8. Let me know when we are going to get out and fish so I can hand them off to you.
    This fly has been responsible for 100% of the estuary chinook I have caught around here. ;)
  14. Cool David. I am thinking this coming week. I will send you a pm.

  15. Got mine sent off today. Couple extra for the swap-meister.
  16. Sounds good. I have Jakes, Davids, Rons, Craigs, zachs, and Camerons. Some of you sent me 8 so I am assuming those of you who did want yours back. I will check the mail tonight to see if there are anymore waiting for me. They all look good so far.

  17. D3S, Any chance of getting a photo or pattern name on that 100% King Katcher? I was talking to Bill at PenOutfitters today about some of your photos you posted on sliders last night. He said to replicate your flies because you were the bomb at tying them consistent, tweaking to get them to rile up fish and that you catch a ton of fish. Oh, and thanks for the pics and/or pattern names in advance should you have time to forward them.
  18. uh i seem to have lost my flies that i tied up so i will try to finish another 8 by tommorrow and send them out as soon as possible. sorry everyone
  19. Zach, if you tie your flies while naked how can you lose them? Just wondering!

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