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  1. just remember, throw 'em back

    long live the pink!

    i am just not getting it! i understand that catching fish that are too easy can get quite boring for some people (not me!), but the moment when catching fish gets boring to me, then i geuss ill just up and quit. on a river with minimal crowds (hey it is possible) and a fish on the rod, i could never get bored. i get a kick out of catching bullheads for cryin out loud! if its too boring, mix it up! try to get one on a dry fly, or fish an insanely light tippet, or something! pull out the 3 weight and give it a go. i can NEVER get enough of a fish on my rod, its that simple. even when the fishing gets tough i am always having fun. i never quit having fun when i have my rod in hand.
  2. I enjoy flyfishing for pinks. Take your 4 or 5wt and a floaitng line is all you need to catch fish all day. Experiment a little and you'll find these fish will aggressively take flies in the surface all day long. Even took my wife and mother in law flyfishing for Skagit pinks last fall. Neither had ever flyfished before and both of the ended up having a blast catching pinks on their own with light rods and floating lines. I can't wait until my 3yr old daughter is ready to pick up her first flyrod and start wading the river. I never got bored of hooking fish and fish however my forarms did get a little tired. I look forward to next September. Steve
  3. "or fish an insanely light tippet, or something! pull out the 3 weight and give it a go."

    I disagree. There is a point to where it stops being fishing and turns into torture. Using to light a tippet or rod for the targeted fish is where this begins. A three weight rod is to light for humpy.
  4. last year at possesion bar they were everywhere, 20 fish a day it seemed. they would follow it right to the boat and take and almost leap in the boat.
  5. just remember, throw 'em back

    whatever, i was making a point. its fishing, its supposed to be fun, remember?
  6. I guess I realy got a responce form this question, now it's turning into a thread like the "clave" discussion did. Pinks are fun for a while, I have had some of my most memorable days fishing with my wife and children while they filled the rivers! It's pretty cool to see everyone you love having a blast and catchen' fish untill they are too tired to reel in any more fish. This only happens on a) Opening day of truot fishing
    b) when it's a pink year
    all I was saying is that its pretty weird to see that we now have a run forming on the even years also,I bet that the alaskans are not to happy to hear this.
  7. I have forgotten more then you will know youngblood. Learn some respect for your quary.

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