Ever caught a bird?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. I was wondering the other day, as I saw the birds diving at Carkeek, if anyone has ever had a bird try to take a baitfish pattern like a clouser or some other minnow. It seems like the kind of thing that would have to have happened to someone.
    There was a couple times when I've been stripping a clouser near a bird and had it dive. Had me quite worried for a moment.
    So has this ever actually happened to anyone?

  2. My dad has caught one of those little diving birds by Pt. Defiance. Trolling a Dodger and a White squid at 30 feet for silvers. Hook right through the birds beek. Man was it pissed when we brought it up to the boat. Flopping all around. Grabbed the pliers and turned the hook and the bird fell off.
    I havent caught one fly fishing. I would think if they were hungry enough, a bird could go after a fly.
  3. Nope. But one time on Pass Lake night fishing, I hooked a bat that grabbed my fly on the backcast; must've thought it was something good to eat. I reeled it in, the whole time flapping in the water like crazy (He couldn't fly because his wing was now ripped). Then, against my buddies advice, tried to unhook it and get my fly back. So I got out two pair of forceps, grabbed the bat with one, the fly with the other, and tried to "shake loose" the bat. The little bastard fell off, down into my float tube, trapped between the tube and my crotch, biting the living hell out of my waders. I freaked! Finally, the thing fell through into the water, and came up about 3 or 4 feet away. I could hear it flopping around for a long while, then WHAM, SPLASH, no more sound. I think big nocturnal browns like bats. Anyone got a good bat pattern? Jeff
  4. I've wondered about bats too. That is crazy. Would probably scare the bejeezus out of me because I can't abide bats. They really freak me out for some reason.
    that's a funny story though.
  5. I've caught quite a few brown diving birds bucktailing for coho out at Neah Bay, I even caught one casting to a bait ball that was being formed by birds not by coho. The first season I fished out there I had a guy in my boat who was fishing a floating line with a tube fly, he was having problems with seagulls picking up his fly. Never hooked one, but had them pick it up and take it in the air several feet.

    If you do hook one, bring it in, cover it's head/eyes with a towell or clothing and then unhook it.

    One of the standard questions the fish checkers ask you is how many birds did you hook.
  6. Don't forget to snip or pluck a few feathers while your at it. Feathers for aren't cheap now days :thumb:
  7. We used ot toss small rocks up into the air on warm summer nights to get the bats to chase them. Our goal was always to see if we could get them to hit the ground. I know it wouldn't work, but it was fun anyway... On to fishing, I have naver had a bird take my lure, but have caught a bird or two with errant casts (not flyfishing) and have often wondered if I could catch a bat with a fly.So, it sounds like the best option would be to use like a type IV line and a small dry fly, hook the bat and then let the line take it down. Then, when it's thrashing about and you are trying tog et it in to release it, the big brown just comes up and eats it. Scary.
  8. Over the years I've "caught" dozens of ducks and gulls on Whidby while fishing for silvers. If it looks like a herring/candlefish the ducks will get it under water, and the garbage gulls will get it just as it hits the water.
  9. I have had bad luck catching Seagulls on this 4-6" baitfish pattern I bucktail behind the boat at times. So far I have hooked 2 on it and had many more either look it over or take it into the air without hook up. I would most likely quit using it but it also a very good Coho fly that has taken many nice sized fish in Puget Sound over the past couple years as well as few days with 20 or more 1 pound or less Coho. The fly is my own take on the Deceiver made from 6 White Saddle feathers, White and Pink Fun Fur and large stick on eyes and some Purple tint flash with just a little nail polish to help keep the eyes in place. By the way Thanks Anil for turning me on to that Fun Fur. Its some great stuff with lots of movement and pretty cost effective to boot.
  10. I was casting once when a flotilla of ducklings (Mallards) came out from behinds some reeds and I somehow hooked one of the little guys in the leg. I reeled him/her in with all the siblings following happily behind. As I started to remover the hook mama came at me with a big rush and precede to beat me severly about the legs with her wings and pecked away at my shins. Meanwhile the ducklings were gathered all around and I almost fell as I tried to keep from stepping on the poor little things. I eventually got the duckling back into the water while my fishing partner rolled around on the bank laughing hystericaly all the while.
    Steve E.
    (Who's almost been pecked to death by ducks)
  11. Usually, if when a bird flies off with your fly, you do nothing but stand there, the fly will be dropped. Any tug or pull on your part, and you'll hook up. This applies to cast flies only, not trolled.
  12. Many years ago fishing the Yellowstone in the Park was playing a nice cutthroat when a pelican cruised by and started chasing the fish. Before I could get it in it engulfed the trout and started to fly off with it. Peeled off some line and broke off as it was taking off. After the laughing from the other fishermen across the river stopped, one guy yelled over "should have been using stronger tippet"
  13. Caught a common murre in the salt once while fishing a bait fish streamer on a deep sinking fly line.

    A sea gull on a streamer on the surface.

    Caught several swallows (both barn and violet) on small dries. Most picked the fly from the air during the back cast but one picked the fly off the surface. Have a number of others pick up and drop the fly.

    Had a mallard (drake) fly into my line as I shot my line forward on my cast. The fly hooked its wing as the line slide down its back. The yellow lab thought she should retrieve the bird when it crashed into water as the line came tight.

    Hooked a common loon that had taken a rainbow I had hooked while fish Roche in BC. Mis-played the bird though as it broke my leader - does that count?

    Have caught two bats - both of which picked a dead drift dry off the surface of the river at dusk. Have also caught serveral bull frogs on bass poppers (they seem to prefer a frog pattern), a water snake on a Wisconsin spring creek, and once hooked a beaver but lost it at the boat.

    Agree with IBN in that the best release technique is to cover the birds eyes and bardbless hooks help.

    Tight lines
  14. I've caught turtles and frogs, almost snagged beavers and sea lions. If you want some really interesting blue or green soft-hackles, get a parakeet. They dump feathers all the time, and their tail feathers make some cool streamers.
  15. I hooked a couple of birds. A diving bird off of Browns Point and also a duck at a local lake. I thought they would of put up a better fight. :) I also hooked a otter while cutthroat fishing...but I don't know if I had a fish on before it my fly.
  16. Had a swallow pick up a chrom emerger once, but fortunately it dropped it.
  17. I once hit a stellar's jay with my rod on my backcast. Unfortunately, it killed the bird, which is pretty surprising considering how big it was!
  18. I've got a regular fishing partner who's almost uncanny in his ability to hook other critters.

    I've been with him on several occasions when swallows have swooped down to pick off his dry fly or emerger from the surface. I've seen him hook a turtle at a desert lake.

    On two different trips he's hooked a snake. I about died laughing once when he insisted I release a garter snake that he'd foul-hooked. Turns out he's terrified of snakes.

    He told me he's also hooked a muskrat and a beaver. Based on what I've seen, I have no reason to doubt him.

    He's also pretty good at catching fish and usually catches more than I do :mad:

  19. A swallow once picked up my callibaetis on Dry Falls--it then got wrapped up in the leader. I was able to gently release it without harm. I guess my imitation was pretty good!


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