Ever caught a bird?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. I've hooked bats, birds, a beaver, and my brother-in-law. Landed 'em all except the beaver. He put up one heck of a fight before breaking me off. The brother-in-law played Mr. Tough Guy and had me just yank that big, barbed salmon hook from his cheek. Didn't feel a thing, he said, standing there in below freezing temps. Different story, though, once he got warmed up in the motel room.
  2. In the roughly 15 years I've been fishing my popper, I've only caught only a couple gulls and one duck. Gulls usually hover a bit before diving. A lot of spirited yelling and popping gets them away and I keep a close eye on the ducks and don't cast near them. I don't like releasing thrashing birds.

  3. I've caught two... Once a seagull came after a surface popper I was using for stripers in the Cheasepeke Bay.. It was very difficult to get the bird off as the hook was fairly big and barbed. The other was catching a swallow who bumped into a dry fly while I was false casting. the swallows were picking off PMD's in the air and i don't know if this was an accident or if the swallow went after my fly while it was in the air.
  4. When I was working/fishing in Key west I hooked a couple pelicans when I was fishing the flats. Their bite is soft compared to a black back gull.
    Dump ducks? Oh yes, I've hooked plenty of those in my day....
  5. I caught a duck once ended up breaking me off my tippet was way too light for that battle. I've had plenty of other close calls, a seagulls, bats, and barn swallows all that have grabbed a fly and then let it go, and one time out at cady a huge dragonfly flew up and grabbed a small dry on my backcast got hooked somehow, really messed up my cast and sounded like an airplane as it went past me on the forward end of the cast.
  6. Largest bird I've hooked was a Brown Pelican hooked while fishing of the beach in Cabo. it was just getting light. I had just let the cast fly and the bird flies by. My jiggie stops mid air and hooks up on the birds wing. It keeps flying without slowing down. Drag is smoking off my reel. After about 10 seconds, the hook pulls. I reel in a huge clump of Pelican feathers.
  7. Fishing bait with the wife years ago on Lake Washington, A damn duck dove down (4xD's ha ha), 25-30' to grab her mellow/egg tempting. She thought she had A fish and set the hook. It took A few moments before we realized that A duck that had just re-emerged on the surface about 40 feet out would flap its wings and dive under water every time she pulled on the line. The poor thing had swallowed the hook about half way down it's throat. We finally got the thing close enough to grab it, and with the wife crying and protesting the whole time, I got the good ole pink hook remover out, looped the line and stuck it down the birds throat under heavy protest. I got the hook turned around, and removed it. It didn't seem to bad off for the ordeal. It flopped away, and then flew back out to the water squawking and bitching the whole time. Not to much blood so I don't think she did to much damage. I'm sure the bird might tell a different tail though, and I'll bet it didn't eat for a few days.
  8. Yes! ...and fortunately he spit it out. I'm not sure what I'd do if I hooked one by the beak. I also caught a bat once and he took a dive right into the water!
  9. Last summer my dad caught a 2 lb Bonaparte gull on a clouser minnow- the bird wasnt hooked, it was simply too greedy to let go of the fly! Put up a nice fight too, was fun to watch the thing spin around overhead as it tried to make its escape through the air. Had to pry his beak open to get him to release the clouser!

    I've also seen cormorant caught on herring plugs, one of them managed to find the bait at 120 feet. amazing divers!
  10. I caught a bat once too, when I was a kid fishing off a dock in late twighlight, the poor thing found the fly just as I whipped out a cast, kind of like catching a fish right when you whip back for another cast- the thing landed 40 feet out in the lake, and never recovered.
  11. seagull almost nabbed my popper..pulled it in real fast
  12. I caught a sharp shinned hawk a few years ago. I was wogging and as soon as it hit the water, it came down and took my wog off the top and flew off with it...still attached to my leader. I actually had a tug of war with the hawk for a bit before he let go of it.

    Never caught a bat, but I've had them swoop down on flies I'm casting. Never hooked one. Hope to never do so. Bats are cool, and I'd hate to think of hurting one burying a hook in one's mouth.

  13. Wing wrapped a gull last year casting into a bait ball. My six year old wanted to pet it after I unwrapped it. The look on his face was priceless when his finger got about eight inches away and the gull popped his finger pretty good. No blood no foul. Also hooked a Puffin outside of Sitka mooching for salmon with a herring at fifty feet. That was one pissed off bird.:mad:
  14. I caught a bat on a backcast on the Sky once. The hook went into its wing. I had to "land" it carefully without dunking it in the water. Luckily I was on the bank so this was not much of a problem. The wing of a bat is something amazing to see/feel up close. It is like a very fine, thin, and smooth leather. Unhooked the critter and it flew right out of my hand. I have to admit that bats get a bad rap for being disgusting because it was a cute little guy.
  15. I have managed a Bat on a dry fly, and by the time my friends cuahgt thier breath from laughing thier tales off, the bat didn't make it! It was all I could do to reel him to the end of the rod without it bouncing off me several times, I guess from the outside lookin in, it could be funny....

    Yours truly.....Batboy
  16. Caught a bat on the Metolius last summer. Wasn't a keeper though.
  17. i caught a cat once, really took the drag!!
  18. Talk to Nick (NRAndrew) his quote was "fish on... oh wait is that a bird?" I also was bucktailing and a seagull picked up my fly 3 times in a row. Should have landed it. Pulls up rather than down.
  19. If you ever go to Christmas Island and fish offshore for wahoo, tuna, etc., be prepared to be pestered all day by Frigate birds (aka friggin' birds) picking up your streamers. I lost count one day how many we hooked. It's like trying to reel in a kite while the boat is trolling at 10-15 kts. I won't tell you what the guide with us did to the umpteenth one we hooked.

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