Ever heard of the Skagit Spey Leech?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Old Man, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I kind of like the egg sucking one except I think the body has more black in it. But the tail looks good. Hint: Tie it with black dubbing with silver wire for the body. The segments that you have are too wide. And the body should be about 3/16ths of a inch wide at the top. Wouldn't you say that the total length is about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches long. And since I can't tie worth a damn. These dimentions(sp) might help someone who can.

  2. Rabbit fur leech with segments? Look up "big black" on the "fly shoppe" web page out of Welches Oregon. Best solution yet for segmented bunny. As for getting down... Try a rubber core sinker ahead of the on the leader where it's legal :DEVIL
  3. I can't really tell from your photos, but is that actually a leech? It appears to have legs and it resembles a parasite I've found infesting summer run steelhead on occasion.
  4. When you get old the first thing that goes is your memory. I forgot what the second thing was.

    Well he didn't pick it up and play with it. I wouldn't either. I would have to say it's a leech as I have never really seen one in person. Don't or aren't leeches tapered at both ends. This one wasn't but it swam by undulating back and forth.

  5. Philster,

    I would really like to see that Ribbed bunny pattern. Can you provide me with an exact domain name for the "fly Shoppe" in welches OR? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

  6. Leeches look for all the world like a worm, which is, of course what they are, with a sucker at one end. They swim by undulating vertically, not horizontally; lots of movement but not much forward motion. The photo just doesn't look much like a leech, did it have a definite head? Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the parasite I referred to in my last post. I ran into a WDFW biologist one day on the Stilly and asked him, but without one to show him he wouldn't venture a guess. They were black, strongly segmented, had short legs, were about an inch, or a little less, in length and were clustered behind the fins, apparently where they could get out of the current. I caught a couple of steelhead that day and both of them were carrying substantial numbers of them. Any entomologists out there who might have a clue?
  7. The picture in the "catalog" doesn't do it justice... The story on the fly is here: http://www.flyfishusa.com/steelheadquarters/stories/big-black/bigblack.html

    Basically, using a nickel hook, and very narrow strips rabbit that has a very THIN hide (it can take some time to find some... believe me!) you tie the rabbit in at the back of the hook, leaving a small tail, and then wrap it forward tightly leaving space between each wrap at least as wide as the bunny strip, if not wider. You can of course use any hook you like, and lay down any color of tinsel or diamond braid first. Heck, I've wrapped seal... I mean seal subsitute... to have spikey contrasting color between the bunny wraps. You can also use from one to three silver, gold, or hot beads by putting them on the hook, superglue them so they are spaced out, and then wrapping your bunny forward and then between the beads. The bunny is so sparse a three bead fly drops like ROCK!

    It's a pain finding good Wabbit for it... but it's worth it. Leaves the average spey fly in the dust for deep fishing... I know I'll hear from folks on that one! :DEVIL
  8. Of course not, I just made it up. Jim and I were up on the Skagit last week and while walking around I saw this little black leech swiming in the water. It must have been attatched to one of the many dead chum and when I moved it aside, it fell off. Anyway, Jim said, "Hey, that looks like a grizzly tip." He said it first even though I was thinking the same thing. I tried to tie a few Skagit leeches. Ribbing is too small on the egg sucker, running Spey hackle between the ribs makes it stand up too high and when I used the really fat ribbing, it made the head to large.

    Are there any patterns out there with the stripes or segmented bodies? How would you tie the rabbit fur leeches with segments? Even with 14 wraps of .025 wire and type III sink tip, I'm still not hitting bottom. One last question, does using an Alec Jackson hook with Spey hackle make it a Spey fly?


    "Little dick, big click, some say." BOBLAWLESS
  9. No, no legs. I'm not sure what it is. Here's a better pic.


    "Little dick, big click, some say." BOBLAWLESS

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