Ever walk off and leave your shotgun

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  1. I was out shooting a couple of rounds of 5 stand today to warm up for next weekend's dove season. Had a message on the recorder when I got back' "Did you walk off and leave your shotgun?" Dang.... I thought I had it in the trunk of the car. And.... it was the only guy at the range who knew my name and phone number.

    It's a nice Browning lightweight 20 gauge O/U.
  2. Glad you got it back, Bill. Never left a gun anywhere. Left a knife once, but backtracked in the dark & found it. Thank God for honest folk, huh? And as far as I know, there's still a rear lens cover for my revered Bausch & Lomb spotting scope on top of a windswept goat ridge in Montana. I wasn't about to go back up & get that one . . .
  3. Bad thing is I have to go to a fly shop to retrieve it. Him with all those feathers and me with all those $20 bills.
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  4. Well don't set your wallet down this time!!:cool:
  5. I have a knife on a hillside in Montana. I was glassing the far hill for deer and had my fanny pack open. Knife rolled out there or somewhere on the walk back. I retraced my steps as best I could..... the knife is still out there somewhere. It was the sharpest knife I've ever seen.
  6. Got my shotgun back today. It's nice when that happens. For those who frequent Ephrata, Darc Knobel of the Desert Fly Shop is the person who retrieved it for me.
  7. Kudos to Darc. I'll be sure to stop by & commend the gent when next I pass thru the way.
  8. Thanks for making me feel better about myself.
    I forget things all the time, my shot gun never.
    I did leave the 22 leaning on a fence post after shooting a goat.
    Maybe I should tell the rest of the story.
    My neighbor and I had been deer hunting that morning and didn't get a deer.
    I had a goat I wanted to butcher and I told my friend I would share the goat with him if he helped me butcher it.
    When we got back to my place I got the 22 out and shot this brown goat and just as the goat hit the ground a game guys came around the corner of the road and saw the goat hit the dirt.
    Well, off the road the game guys came driving through my neighbor property and sliding to a stop next to my fence.
    The game guys jumped out the their truck and ran up and said "it's a goat"
    My neighbor and I were laughing so hard I could hardly breath.
    The neighbor said and "it's got horns", now drive very carefully off my property without causing any more damage.
    Now ya know why I forgot the 22 leaning on the fence post until I needed to shot another goat.
  9. It's good to know that Darc is still making a go of it at the shop and that he's still a stand up guy.
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  10. No, I've never left a gun. If I had, I'm well aware it'd be gone. Or broke. Or something. I don't leave my dog or my keys. Shells, change, lunch, thermoses, knives, clothes, flyboxes, women, beer, yeah. Gun, rod, scotch, never.
  11. I" double that on Darc I knew him for quite a few years when he was co owner of blue dun flies in wenatchee great guy always willing to help someone :) smitty
  12. Reading this post made me rember a bit being typical alskan I usually had a cache or 2 anywhere I spent long periods of time when I was stationed in fairbanks at the airbase I went out to fort yukon off and on well I made a cache and left it in it was the usual stuff including a savage model 2400 now this is not the clubby looking one that savage produced for many years this was produced by the finnish firm of valmet it is a 12ga x .308 it is a very sleek looking one , well 5 years ago after I thought it was lost forever I found an old map in some gear and flew out that way to see if it was still there. The cache had been found by someone most likely native as the important items were still there they used the gun , but did not put it back in the wool blanket I kept it in around the now tore up cache was ome very suspect long brown hair mr grizz got in there and tore it all from hell to breakfast looking for food , he did find the big bag of rocksalt and you can guess where the salt spilled:eek: .well now she looks like helll like craters of the moon put it in a widowmaker and test fired it good to go . being a machinist I have had the urge to remove the ugly barrels and replace them , but that would destroy the memories I keep a savage 410"r reducer and use it for grouse and bunnys like this and the .308 still barks strong and accurate using the typical european express rear sight the previos owner had honed the choke out so he could shoot slugs so it is also good bear medicine :eek:
  13. Nope, I can say with absolute certainty I've not added that one to my list of... :D
  14. I was out dove hunting yesterday and my shotgun came home with me (this trip)

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