Everett Flats, if that's what they are

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  1. For years I have driven by the Everett waterfront, north of the Navy base, where there are hundreds of old pilings standing in what is usually shallow water or maybe mudflats. I believe these were used back in the day to secure log booms for the timber mills or something like that.

    There is a pocket-sized waterfront "park" along Marine View Drive where one might enjoy the view or contemplate life or.....wade?

    I wonder what might be catchable there...crabs? Flounder / sand-dabs? Herpes? The mud flats seem like barren land to me, but maybe there are aquatic worms or some other life forms that attract bigger stuff.

    I've often wondered if a dipshit with a dipnet could wade those shallows and come up with anything other than an alibi for a wasted afternoon. Has anyone tried this?

    You know what? I'm off work today! I'll just go out there and find out!
  2. Watch out for the boot-sucking mud! I have also contemplated fishing opportunities in that area.
  3. Let us know what you find and good luck :cool:
  4. Ummmm.....well.....I'm Dipnet but I've yet to meet and fish with Dipshit but maybe he or she is out there looking for a fishing buddy? ;)

    I've never had too much luck with those types of bottoms unless there's estuary habitat close by. YMMV!

    Let us know how it goes!
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  5. I think dipshit is sinkin up too his ass by now. lol

  6. Langus park is a great launch for a kayak day. I would strongly advise against wading. Firstly there are some deep dropoffs, very solid currents, and the waters are murky as can be. under the murk lurks some major deadfall and soft muds, Pylons you never saw. I've had some almost tidal slam days cutt, coho, bull, cabezon, pink. I have also hung my anchor line a couple of times, lost plenty of gear and watched pods of salmon swim past completely content to ignore my fly. There are otters, seals and eagles and old TV's and remnants of boats. I have salvaged lots of gear here too. There are garter snakes along the Langus shore, and there is the general hum of I5, the train yards, the wood lot and the sewage farm to otherwise keep you company. Sturgeon lurk there, though I've yet to catch one. So do douchebags on jetskis and pretty much everyone ignores the "No Wake" sign around the rowing club.
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  7. Sorry, Dipnet; meant no aspersions. "dipshit" refers to yours truly; back in the day it was a mildly uncomplimentary term used to describe a completely clueless doofus putzing around uselessly with no hope of success in whatever he (usually) was trying to do. Kind of like ...no, exactly like my fishing adventures.
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  8. I seem to remember stopping at Langus park some years ago; I remember it as a fishing dock by a muddy-looking slough with no fish in it that I could find, though to be fair I could have the same luck at a fish farm with a seine net and TNT. But your description sounds a heck of a lot more interesting; maybe I wasn't where I thought I was. That has happened before. Hmmm...a kayak....now you've got me thinking. I wish you hadn't done that.

    That said, the place I visited today was just a cut-out in the curb of West Marine View Drive north of the North Marina, just past the canvas shops and so on. The boat launch and park are visible just to the South.

    It was the peak of lower high tide and I picked my way down the rocks to a small beach area. The terrain was not what I expected based on years of glancing out the driver's side window. I was thinking tidal mud flats, but it seems to be the usual sand and gravel and larger rocks that I see at Mukilteo and Picnic Point. Minus a bunch of seaweed.

    Judging by the high-tide line on the riprap, that water level would be about 10 feet above where I was standing. There has to be fish there. I know it. As usual, I can't prove it. But I just know it.

    I must come clean here and admit I am new to fly-fishing. I dabbled with it in years past but set it aside. And I like salt water. The glistening streams riffling along Highway 2, or 20 or I-90 are seductive, but ...I just like a salt-water beach.

    And I am somewhat lazy. Tossing buzz-bombs or jigs or whatever and retrieving them seems like a lot of work. But flinging some bait way way way out there and slowly retrieving it, a few turns at a time, waiting for the tap-tap and hauling in ...something, you never really know in salt water...well, that's my idea of a pleasant day at the beach.

    I had my 6-wt rigged with a dry and dropper and even my Tenkara rod rigged the same way in the car. But the onshore breeze and the phase of the moon and the urge to purge myself of all my bait-fishing ways compelled me to fling some guaranteed-to-catch-fish plastic salt-water-scented worms on snelled hooks with a slip-sinker way, way, way out there. By which I mean maybe 80 feet. Because that's all the line I had.

    The reason I had only 80 feet of line (which didn't snap off the reel because I am one serious arbor-knot-tying son of a gun) was that until I became a fly fisher, I knew nothing about leaders or tippets, which are apparently replaceable. Who knew? I just tied the hook to the 10 or 12-weight line and went fishing. The inevitable snags shortened the line to the last masterly tied knot, and I just proceeded as before.

    Thanks to a garage theft last year, my big bag of bait-casting stuff, all the reels and line and lures and a small fortune in lead weights and (useless) buzz-bombs are now out of my life. All I have left is what I cast today: some slip-sinkers, some snelled hooks, some plastic worms. But I am what I am and cast what I had.

    Twice I felt the tap-tap; twice I set the hook. Twice I seemed to be snagged on some immovable object. Eel? Octupus? Ling? Crab pot? I will never know. I broke off.

    Now I am free. All my lead weights and other hardware are consigned to the sea.

    The line left on my spinning reel is now too short to even hang myself, so the spinning rod and reel will be garage-sale items very soon. The next time I go fishing there it will be with a pure heart and a fly rod and dries and wets and nymphs and streamers and high hopes and a six-pack with which to console myself in case things don't work out. But how could they not?

    On the other hand, if you are driving south on West Marine View Drive some evening, and you hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth and the clink of aluminum cans somewhere down on the rip-rap, well, just drive on. It's hopeless.

    But maybe if I had a kayak....
  9. well I am glad ya didn't sink in mud. yup maybe a kayak or a pram to get to those fish ya can't see. just think of the possibilitys of it all.
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  10. You don't seem lazy in your writing, which is crisp and fun. And writing well is a lot harder than spooling up for a days fishing. Beware though, lines about loving to fling bait are like catnip to the Saltwater fly purists. That and and now all of us will want to see character devolopment and plot progression...Chapter Two...in which the gear rod gathers dust and the fly is cast among the shipyard rips
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  11. He probably meant flinging bait with a dry fly dropper.. Thus keeping the purists satiated.
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  12. FF,

    You have actually managed to make me laugh....

    I see it everyday too.... I know that there are fish to be had in that area. Give it another month and pinks and silvers will start cruising there in good numbers.

    I have taken my kayak out a couple of times or so and have done fairly well with the salmonids.

    Tight lines

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  13. I'm new to the salt and have been thinking about giving this area a try for SRCs and perhaps Pinks in a few weeks. I've been poking around Picnic Point and Mukilteo for SRCs, but haven't had much luck...yet! Looking at the upcoming minus tides, I'm thinking of venturing out and giving Everett and Kayak Point a try. Also wondering how hard it would be to cast from my kayak?!?!

    I live a few blocks from Howarth Park and wondering if anyone has ever tried that area?

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  14. I haven't tried Howarth Park, but have been Google-Earthing the crap out of the whole area and sadly have not caught one damn fish by satellite. And when I think of the taxes I pay, boy, it really steams me. Well, okay, technically I don't pay taxes to Google. I think. But in this day and age why isn't there an app that shows me exactly where my personal fish is? It's not like I got all day to get this done, you know. Sorry for the rant, but after all, you brought it up.

    About your kayak; is it a two-seater? I can sit front or back and pinch all my barbs and loan you my forceps for the removal from your earlobe, not like that would ever happen. I always bring along a tuna fish sandwich so I can enjoy a harvest from the sea even if my tackle is faulty through no fault of my own.

    You can have half, because we will be fishing buddies.
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  15. Flyfool has already shown growth.....he has got himself an avatar since his last post. What I'm wondering is if the lovely Mrs Flyfool had anything to do with that. Based on flyfool's wader wedding, Mrs Flyfool strikes me as someone who likes her i's dotted and her t's crossed..... And would probably see greater value in adding to the domestic feline population afore Flyfool sees even a brochure about a kayak.
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  16. Grasshopper, have I taught you nothing? Kayak brochures belong carefully stuffed into un-used dress shoes in the closet, crammed in with the poker winnings where nobody will ever find them. Until....oh jeez, I'm getting a little misty here. I gotta go check my closet.
  18. I prefer pissant,as I remember the saying goes something like if his brains were gasoline he wouldn't be able t
  19. To drive a motorcycle over a peach pit, notthat you were asking for any help with nomenclature:D
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  20. Is those shoes secreted in the same closet ewe share with Mrs Flyfool? If so I must recite that old saying," a flyfool and his money soon part".

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