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    Came back from six days of fishing in B.C. First two days was stillwater fishing, the third day was moving water, forth and fifth days were on stillwater again and the last day took us back to the river. Tremendous numbers of fish, leech patterns and muddler minnows worked best in the lakes. The river fishing was all dries the first day and nymphs the second day. One member of the party of four was brand new to fly fishing and by the end of the week you wouldn't have known it. Probably spoiled him but he's hooked now.

    View attachment 32277 Most of the fish in the lake were rainbows

    View attachment 32278 Young Mr. Tye looks like an old hand at this after only five days of fly fishing practice.

    View attachment 32279 The river fish were rainbow/cutt hybrids

    View attachment 32280 My host (my brother-in-law) has been fly fishing for 40 years. He was a great instructor for me.

    View attachment 32281 Fish were all healthy with good "shoulders"

    Sorry for the format on this post. It doesn't appear in the manner I was hoping.

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    Nice, I love it up there. What region were you in?
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    Format appears in the manner I like it...chocked full of fishing trip goodness. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks Ed. Computers for me are like a bad relationship: when things are good, it's great. When things aren't good it's...