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  1. so this weekend while at a water polo tournament i was taking part in, my truck was broken into and all of my fishing gear was stolen except for my rod. my reel and all of my flies were taken and so were all of my accesories and camera. they didnt take my longboard or the weed eater but i guess they felt the need to have all the flies i have tied for the past year. I am now left with an 8 weight and no reel, liscense or anything to use. if anyone has any cheap gear they could part with or any flies they feel they could get rid of that would be awesome cuz right now my family and i have no money to replace any of the gear that was stolen because of job issues. I would be very grateful if anyone could help out. Please PM me if you have anything extra that you would be willing to sell or give away thank you

  2. Zack,

    I would check with your insurance company and see if the contents
    in your truck were covered. also if you own a home your homeowners
    insurance will cover your losses. I hope this helps you out, sorry to hear
    the scumbags need your gear more than you do. :mad:
  3. If you rent and have a renters policy, that should cover it as well.
  4. Zach, if you run the insurance angle to ground and still need a reel I could probably "loan" you my old Okuma Integrity 8/9. I have been hanging onto it to keep a spare for any travelling guests or new casters to use as they learn. It is not top shelf gear, but it works, has a solid disc drag and has banked many large fish. Sorry you got nailed.

    As for flies, when Ibn lost all his flies he sponsored a swap. If I recall he tied up a bunch of his flies and everyone sent him some of their ties. I recall sending him a few flies from my box if I had several of the same pattern. That could work too.
  5. Zach,

    I have more fly fishing gear than I can use. What all did you loose? Why dont you shoot me a PM and we can talk about if I have anything that might interest you.

  6. Zach,
    I'm PM'ing you. If you can swing by Tacoma General Hospital of Monday afternoon, I will hook you up with some SH and salmon flies. ;)

  7. wow thanks everyone but today i stopped by the parking lot and i guess they didnt like what they stole cuz they left it in the bushes! this turned everything around for me and thanks to everyone willing to help me out. i guess they figured they could tie better then me or something haha
  8. UR lucky, dog! Nice.
  9. Glad to hear you got your stuff back. Maybe they liked Ibn's flies better... ;)
  10. learned a valuable life lesson Zach- don't go around with so much crap in your car!;)
    weedwhackers, snowboards, all mixed in with cameras and fly tackle- that's like wearing a "kick me HARD" sign on your back.
    I got smash-n-grabbed a couple years ago and it sucked. I'm way more careful about what I leave showing in the truck now.
    really cool that the Universe showed some pity and let you have your stuff back.
  11. SpeySpaz makes a very good point.

    The times I have gotten busted into have been because I left stupid stuff in my vehicle.

    Keep it WELL hidden or leave it home. And if you are going the "hidden" route, be prepared to loose it anyway.
  12. What a bunch of idiots.

    Now they steal and than throw the loot in the bushes?

    OMG, what is the world coming to.
  13. Jason,
    many of the car break-ins these days are done by tweakers, (according to a few Pierce Cty Sheriffs I've spoken with about it)... meth users who are looking for some easy-to fence, portable, high value items that are hard to track.
    One thing I do is look at the area where I'm parking my truck...if I see the characteristic tempered glass lying around on the ground, I go somewhere else, because they keep coming back and hit cars parked at the same spots over and over.
  14. It was when I was doing an extensive 140 acre survey near Granite Falls that I became an expert. Lots of pastey white boys driving around those hills who can't compose a normal sentance to save their life.
  15. my truck was parked in my school parking lot so i dint think anyone would want my chest pack and everything was under a tarp so they had to have been looking for cars i guess
  16. Since there's a good end to the story....Did you by chance win your water polo games? I played a little water polo many moons ago when I was young and good looking. :rolleyes:
  17. Well, a good ending for a change.
  18. we took third it was a tournament but almost everyone got chlorine poisoning from the over chlorinated pool. one of our guys had to go to the hospital

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