FS/WTT Everything thing you need for Salmon/Steel on a spey

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  1. Thomas Williams

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    So my time is limited here in beautiful Washington. This will be my last season before I move to Germany. I have had an amazing time here an it saddens me to have to depart but hell im going to Europe. So I think ill get over it :cool: Anyways I invested a lot of money on chasing down salmon and steelhead on a spey rod. I caught a couple fish but I guess you would describe my experience as "typical" long cold days on the water chuckin flies. Ive decide that I will focus on trout this summer and salmon from the beach in the fall. If I was a permanent resident I would not be selling... So I have the following for sale or trade...

    7wt 12'6" Allen Olympic Spey Rod....Excellent condition maybe a tiny nick here or there. Its a freight train and will chuck some serious meat.

    Allen Kraken 4 Reel...Excellent condition only a fey small scratches from setting it down. Sealed drag

    500gr Rio Skagit Flight.. Like new

    500gr Rio Kagit Iflight (intermediate tip for better depth/casting).... Like new

    4 mow tips in light, medium, heavy, extra heavy....all 10ft...Like new

    1 custom cut 8ft t-10 tip for skinny water...like new

    Airflow ridge running line .30 had to make a new loop no biggie.

    A finsport wallet with leaders, furled leaders and tips inside. excellent condition only one bag tore. you can replace all the bags for 5$..or just buy extra bags for different stuff.

    Allen Guide fly box (similar in size to Bugger beast JR) with 135 Steelhead and Salmon flies. 95% never touched the water. I Have flies for all conditions. This collection of flies is awesome.

    TOTAL COST... 1000$ and thats being a bit conservative. Those of you who have used Allen fly fishing know their product are excellent and their customer service is top notch. They are a great company

    So there you have it this is everything you need to hunt down fish. Just add water. So heres what im looking for

    9' 4wt rods or outfits. Orvis, Sage, Loop, Winston, im a big fan of Lamson reels. Dont like Sage reels, Trout flies im always in need of tons of flies. I need mostly streamers and nymphs. 5wt GPX line. 4wt XPS line for dries. I would be listen to trades of all sorts I think just pm me. I will let you know if im not looking for that

    If someone wanted to buy the entire setup I would do it for $700. Not bad and its EVERYTHING you need! I live in Puyallup and im willing to meet. In fact I prefer it over online transactions unless you are a known member. Shoot me a Pm and let me know what you have. Pics below. Feel free to ask questions

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    I have a echo2 9' 4wt in mint condition with a reel and over 200 brand new trout flies. Pm me if you are interested and we can exchange pictures and talk.
  3. Thomas Williams

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    Price drop to $650...Hell theres almost $350 in flies there. Thats a steal
  4. Thomas Williams

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    Drop to 600$
  5. Jeff Hale

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    Pm sent
  6. Thomas Williams

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    Accepting offers for individual pieces. Im willing to seperate.
  7. Thomas Williams

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    Bump. Need to move this stuff. Make an offer.

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  8. Thomas Williams

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    Final price drop. $550 ...takes everything! That a rediculously good deal. If it doesnt sell at this price im better off keeping it :confused: