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  1. Well I just had an expensive stay at a High priced hotel. The Barrett Hospital. I had a flare up of GOUT. It was so bad I couldn't even walk let alone put any pressure on my Left foot. It started on Sunday when I came home from a exploring trip. I was checking out the head waters of Bloody Dick Creek. Lots of nice water where I was at.

    But back to my Hospital stay. I don't think that I have ever taken as many pills in a 24 hour period as I did since yesterday morning. All gout medicine. Big pills, little pills, Shots in the belly(three of theses). I'm home now but I still limp. I need to get back out and see if I can still cast flies. Not really looking for any get wells as I'm gong to do that. Just wanted to let you all know why I feel like shit.

    I drove up to and beyond Reservoir Lake. I always thought that the Creek came out of the lake. Wrong in my thinking. The road goes up over a ridge and down into a series of beaver ponds. Very pretty up in there. I didn't take any pictures as the area had a lot of ATV riders up in there. All kids making a nuisances of themselves. I might go up there next week with my toy and scope it all out. But in the middle of the week.
  2. Well, on the bright side, at least all you got from the head of the Bloody Dick was GOUT.

    Coulda been much, much worse my friend.
  3. We have two ER visits from this month, and an ambulance ride I'm dreading getting the bill for. Shit is outrageously expensive. I've seen people charged ten thousand for an ambulance before. Where they get these unbelievable figures is beyond me.
  4. Insurance cost for emergency providers....whose high cost comes from lawyers....which comes from the general public suing everyone...
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  5. Have you seen this? https://www.nwmedstar.org/uploadedFiles/Membership/MedStar Membership Brochure.pdf I don't work for them, or have it, but I have been leaning more in favor of paying for it.
  6. Here in Montana we have our own old folks Health Insurance. It was set up a few years ago. Premiums are 18 bucks a month and Pills are free up to a certain cash number. This is the first time I've been in the Hospital on this plan. Only time will tell.
  7. I had gout for the first and only time 6 months ago. That shit is no joke. I can't pinpoint what set it off but I haven't had it since.
  8. Yeah, a buddy of mine has had several bouts of gout. He said the only thing that was more painful was when he had pericarditis.

    At your urging I'm not gonna send a "get well".

    But stop feelin' like shit!!!
  9. OMJ...without a doubt, a bout of gout has him out! :D
    OMJ...out of the action, but at least not in traction!:confused:
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  10. Is gout an autoimmune disorder?
  11. AFAIK, it's related to arthritis.

    It's due to uric acid levels building up and creating crystals that exist in various body joints. The crystals irritate and cause pain in these joints.

    I believe certain foods and alcohol can raise uric acid levels.

    I know my buddy, who loves his whiskey and scotch, was told to lay off the booze!

    But I'm no doc!
  12. Beer will set it off as will red meat. Being fat also sets it off. Raising your feet up higher than your heart will help with the swelling.. I got some pills from the Pharmacy that cost me an arm and a leg. 500 bucks for a 90 day supply. Colchicine is what it's called. You have to much Uric Acid in your system

    Mine first started out in my right big toe. That lasted for a few days. Then it was gone for about 6 months. Next time I got it, it was in my left foot. That also only lasted a few days. Then it also left. This last bout ended up in my left ankle. I was in so much pain. I put up with it for a day and night. My ankle swelled up like it was broken. I couldn't even put it down and try to walk. It felt like 1000 needles going into my ankle. I had to spend a night on the floor because I couldn't stand up to get back in bed. The next day I had my wife call 911 so I could go to the hospital. I couldn't stand up because if I just touched that foot I was in trouble. To get around the house I has to crawl on my hands and knees. I believe that this is the worst pain I have ever had.

    Let me tell you that I you get Gout, get yourself to a doctor. Years ago they didn't have what they have now to combat it.
  13. Certain high blood pressure meds will also cause gout. I went through gout hell a few years ago and finally figured out it was due to the jerky I was eating. The gout only stopped after I stopped eating the jerky.

    If you've never had it.... you don't want it! Jim, I'm surprised they kept in the hospital. You must have been hit hard. My gout was in the typical big toe area and it hurt like hell to walk but at least I could walk.

    The meds do help.
  14. I've had it in both feet. My first bout was around Thanksgiving a few years ago. I couldn't figure out what is was until I went to the Doctor. But it went away on it's own so I figured out what the hell. Each time it came back it was worse. That was a few years ago. This last bout scared the hell out of me. They took Xrays and it showed the swelling in my foot. It was nasty
  15. Ack. Sorry OMJ. I know you're not looking for "get wells" and admire your spirit for that! That's gotta suck.

    I was on my way to my first neurology appointment today when I got a call while I was driving that my heart spiked at 9:50 a.m. I didn't know til later that it went from under 60 bpm to 164 for 16 beats then back down under 60 bpm like all was well. Weird. And the cardiologist said weird too, which didn't help my situation. So now I have two f'in extra appointments.

    Ya, the cost? Who knows yet... I'll find out when I find out. :(

    Keep on keepin' on buddy - and keep throwing those flies! Cheers
  16. Geez Jim, you should have timed this better so I could have visited you in the hospital last week! Hope those expensive pills do the trick!
  17. If you look online, pretty much every food is on a list somewhere for causing gout. Right before mine flaired up I ate a bunch of goose jerky, which I don't normally eat. Without eating it again I can't say if it was the cause. The base of my big toe had given me some minor discomfort before and I thought it was just a normal ache or previous injury acting up.
    Gout basically feels like broken glass grinding around in your joints.
  18. Glad you're on the mend, Jim. I've never experienced gout & hope it remains that way.
  19. Yep, that gout. Hope you get it handled soon. But the medicine you take has many side effects. I can't eat as my stomach is always upset. If I'm not throwing up what I eat. It runs out the back with no problem. I hate this medicine. I'm not taking anymore until I talk to my Doctor. Which is next week I believe I can hold out until then. I believe that I will lose many pounds by then.
  20. good luck Jim

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