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  1. Well, I've crawled back out of the weeds and I am trying to recover from the brutal drive from Idaho's St. Joe River to my bunch of little keys.

    To my dismay, all the flies are sitting here, not sent out, and if anyone is pissed, let me be the first to understand and to offer an apology if indeed I am at fault...

    I will get this all straightened out. You have my word
    on that.

    I went fishing before Backyard's flies were received. He was overdue and said he was sorry but that the flies were in the mail. I had reservations for my campsite and I could not sit around waiting for his flies.

    My wife graciously volunteered to put them all in the mail on Monday of this last week which would have included the flies which Backyard thought would arrive here on Saturday's mail.

    No flies on Saturday.

    So she waited and waited, reluctant to send them out without his contribution included. When I learned of this, today in fact, I knew something was wrong.

    I have e-mailed Backyard, asking what's up. If he lied, then we will just go ahead and send out what we have. If there is a response that is reasonable, then we will act on that.

    Frankly, this is more than I wanted to deal with but we will deal. Sorry again for all this inconvenience.

    We shall see what Backyard has to say. Any other ideas are welcome.

    Bob, the too tired to think about this. :dunno
  2. Thanks for the good press... Bob.

    I sent my flies out.

    If you did not recieve them, I am sorry.

    I have a pretty vicious headache right now, being that it is Saturday....

    Seeing this post kind of makes me feel attacked. I have been in almost every swap in the last year and in more than four in the last two months.

    but anyways, if the OP mail system decides to stop using the pony express.. and you get the flies sometime. Great.

    If not, I'm sure everyone sitting on the edges of their seats salivating... will just pass the f*ck out when you mail them out... without my contribution included.

    But.... If this is a question of my integrity, ask any f*cker on here that knows me... I'll send you two dozen more flies. 12 that look pretty, and 12 that actually catch fish, (besides smolts jim). I'll even tie the knots for you.

  3. Chris,

    There was and is no intention to question your integrity.

    I will mail out all the flies that I have in my possession as of this time.

    Should your flies arrrive at some point in the future, I will return them to you.

    The word "lied" was way too strong and should not have been used and I apologize for it. Sorry to add to your headache.

    There is no attack. It's just that I have a bunch of people on my ass to get this wrapped up and that's what I must do.

    Bob, the Overbearing at times. }(
  4. Welcome back Bobbo. How was the St. Joe?
  5. Is there anyway to find out what happened maybe put a trace on them or something?? that bites I know you put a lot work in to them. I am willing to wait a little longer. I don't think I have been involved in a swap that wasn't a little late anyway. if anybody else can wait chime in!
  6. I can wait...I'm stuck painting the exterior of my house until "hell freezes over!" No weekend passes are being given by the 'boss'...and I don't dare ask.

    Thanks Bob for putting this together...I will have to host a swap one of these days...since I participate in at least 80% of them!

  7. What did I do to get drug into this thread. If I don't know about anything I usually keep quiet. And I was this time. So Backyard :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p . What you need is this to cure your hangover:beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1

  8. haha hair of the dog that bit... wait no, hair of the dog that humped my head with an ice pick is more like it.

    weekends are always rough.

    But yesterday I caught about 15 bow's over 5lbs with in 2 hours.

    Where do you ask?

    haha hopefully somewhere where I will be employed in the very near future.

    Anyways... Bob, I do hope you get those flies. They are the (in your words ;)) "the shiznit" haha go ask FlyShopRon he seen'm. :smokin
  9. I can wait, too. I'm on my way to Kamloops soon and I won't be needing any of the small stuff.
  10. >But yesterday I caught about 15 bow's over 5lbs with in
    >2 hours.
    >Where do you ask?
    >haha hopefully somewhere where I will be employed in
    >the very near future.

    I didn't know Troutlodge was hiring. No wonder you were partying :-D
  11. Bob,

    You have a PM.
  12. All flies have been sent out from Port Ludlow as of Monday.

    Only nine participants of the original 12 participated.

    Several did not send in 12 but got 12 back.

    It was fun but that's it for me on these deals.

  13. I got mail! With nine beautiful patterns. Sure would be nice to know who tied what though, since only 5 of the 9 were tagged.

    Thanks for volunteering as swapmeister Bob. This was a fun one.
  14. >But yesterday I caught about 15 bow's over 5lbs with in
    >2 hours.
    >Where do you ask?
    >haha hopefully somewhere where I will be employed in
    >the very near future.

    That sounds like a job fit for a King ... so to speak.

  15. heh.. so to speak ;)
  16. I got mine, too. I'll post the pics tomorrow night. Nice flies guys!!
  17. Somethin's up, Fortuna. All boxes were counted several times and all had a dozen inside, even the guy's box who only sent in eleven (I gave him one of my gifts). Some guys did not label their flies and there was not much I could do about that.

    Your box might have been opened by a postal terrorist who pinched a few. Damn terrorists; the're everywhere. Maybe a little note to the Postal Service? This has happened before I think.

    I did make a few sheckles on the postage; I wrote it off to wear and tear, gas and time spent.

    I am so happy to have these tiny flies in my arsenal and I wish to thank all of the particiapants. Those who said they would but didn't, well, that's just more water under the bridge.

    Bob, the Permanently Retired Swampenfurher.:thumb
  18. I got twelve flies but just nine patterns - several were duplicates :-D
  19. Fortuna:

    That's because not all 12 sign ups came through with their promise. We only had nine entrants, thus nine fly patterns. After the nine were distributed, the rest were dished out as fairly as possible.

    Sorry, but it was not my fault.

    Bob, the PERMANENTLY retired swap host.:professor
  20. I got mine too! man those are some Sweet flies I can wait to use them, heck there almost to nice to use!

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