Face to Face salt water patterns

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Steve Saville, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. we can carpool
  2. Sorry guys, I being forced to bail on this one.
    I was just reminded that I have to attend a wedding that weekend. Dammit! :mad:
  3. Sorry about that. We'd just have to trade barbs about Cougs and Dawgs!
  4. Sorry guys, I have to bail also. I just got the word we will be leaving for vacation early and I won't be able to make it. "The Boss" is pretty liberal with me about my hobbies and trips so I can't piss her off on this one. Hope you guys slay them.
  5. Dang Kelvin!
    You come up with some nice looking patterns..

  6. Thanks
    However due to the impending date of the meet I am not tying the popper
    I am doing marine worms in your chose one of three delicious favors
    grape lemon or orange

    Cynthia is tying up a pattern based on the Brook's Blonde
    called the Puget Prada Blonde
    nice looking pattern for a first time tier
  7. Nothing goes better with Prada Blondes than Orange Wurms. I'm doing either a popper in a non-standard color scheme or a little baitfish pattern that I recently witnessed on some line stretching action.
  8. Nice looking flies! I am thinking about a pink over white tube clouser. I figured it would be nice to use right out of the box and might actually catch something that day???
  9. It should be a good day to fish. Directions coming with photo of nearly hidden driveway.
  10. I'm undecided on my pattern, it is down to two different candidates. Both are flies that I've used as tied or close variations. Either should be able to be used right out of the box if you are bold enough to tie them to your tippet.
  11. Ed you bring it
    I'll fish it
  12. I think I'm changing my mind (or losing it)... I think some pink turds are on the menu for the swap.
  13. Here are the directions to my place:

    From the North, travel to South 320th St exit in Federal Way.
    Exit and Travel West, all the way to the end of 320th (about 4-5 miles)
    Turn Rt on 47th Ave SW (Hoyt Road) toward the water.
    Travel approx .4 miles to the end and turn left on Dash Point Road
    Travel 1.5 miles to the Driveway in the picture.
    Turn Right toward the water and follow it around to the "turnaround".
    Park carefully on the turnaround so we can get the max number of cars there. (4-5)
    My house is on the water side of the Driveway (Small, white w/light blue trim)

    From the South, Travel I-5 North to the Fife Exit - 54th Ave and cross the Freeway, heading west on 54th.
    Travel about 1.5 miles to hiway 509 ( There should be a sign pointing to Fed Way. Turn Right on Hiway 509 and stay in the left lane.
    Travel Hiway 509 for about 5 miles, past marinas an the left and up the hill to a stop sign at the Cliff House Restaurant.
    At the Stop Sign, go straight ahead ( Now on HW 509, Eastside Dr) for 1.8 miles and turn left at the driveway in the Pictures.

    You can Google 8604 Eastside Dr NE, Tacoma, 98422 to get directions to the driveway also. Then travel into the driveway and around to the house described in the North directions.

    The picture on the left is from the south. Picture on the right is from the north direction. The mileage from the stop signs at the Cliff House and on Dash Pt Road are as close as I could get with the odometer on my truck. There is an intersection very close of Dash Pt Road and 21st NE so if you get there, you are very close. I'll put out a sign at the entrance to the driveway. See you on the 14th!.
  14. I hate to say it, but I'm gonna hafta bail out. I was informed today that the company picnic will be going on at the same time. I really wish I could just blow it off but, I don't think that would go over too well. I'll mail my flies to Steve, if that's alright with him. Sorry.
  15. So as I'm re-reading this for clarity I see we are down to TEN. Is that correct? I also do not see a time that we are meeting, can someone tell me what time we are gathering? I am officially on call this week and must be in Kitsap County between the hours of 4:30pm and 7am Monday through Friday and all weekend long. If necessary I can meet up with someone during the day on Friday and hand over my flies to them if I can't be there for the group gathering. Sorry, duty and dollars over dudes, but I'm sure excited to meet some new folks.
  16. Ed,

    I am planning on getting there early on Friday to beat the nasty I-5 southbound rush hour traffic. Maybe late morning or around noon-ish. You could keep me company until you have to scoot. Although I'm sure I will have plenty of others there to keep me company too!
  17. Matthew, I like that plan. I can't afford to be booted out of the cubicle club at this time.
  18. I was planning on being there around 3:00 but could be there earlier if you want. The time was set for 5:00, I think but I'm really flexible. It all depends on what time you want your burgers and the sit down.
  19. As it is right now I'll head over for an early morning outing with my flies and Kerfwappie's flies in hand. I'll hang out as long as the crowds permit and fishing is good. I'll have to admit that I likely won't be able to stay long enough to meet at the burger burn, but I do hope that I can hang out long enough to meet some of you. If not I'll rely on Matthew to pass on my files and try to pick up a set for me and Kerfwappie at a later date.
  20. I hope to be there around 1ish to beat some traffic and will hang out until after the burger burn. I look forward to it! I just hope the fish decide to show too.

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