Face to Face salt water patterns

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Steve Saville, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. I plan on fishing my beach early, like 5:00 - 10:00 or so. The guys did well there this morning. I was on the pier, gear fishing (YUK!) waiting for my ndaughter's boyfriend to show up. He doesn't fly fish and he didn't show so I missed the good fishiong. Dammit! Tomorrow should be better because the tide will be out farther, early and the fish are around and active. If you are coming to fish, plan to be there pretty early or park pn the street. The lot was full by 6:30.
  2. Steve, can I join you during that time? If so, I'll be there during that time for sure.
  3. Absolutely! I don't have a clicker for the gate so I park on the street by the Lobster Shop Restaurant. At 5:00, there are usually several places to park. Then it a 400 yd walk to my beach but it's easy. Usually I line up in the cook shack in the park because it has pic nic tables to set stuff on and it's lighted. I sit there and dress and get set so that when I hit the beach. I'm ready to go. See you in the morning.
  4. Steve and Ed:
    I would like to join in too if you guys don't mind.
    Initially I was planning on hanging out with the rest of you all later in the afternoon.
    Unfortunately I've been painting the house (well, trying too despite the recent rain) this week and have some rented equipment I need turned in by Sunday.

    So I figured fishing in the morning and then coming home to continue my painting will make the wife happy.

    I can be there by 5:00 no problem.

  5. Cindy and I will be coming earlier to help cook clean and fish
    in the afternoon
  6. Just let me know when you plan to arrive as I do not reside on the property. The house is too small for the four of us so I live up the street a bit. There isn't anyone at the house tomorrow since myn wife and sister-in-law took off for the beach so you can probably get me on the phone or my cell, 253-973-7891. We plan to fish early and everything else is at the house already so we just have to set it out and cook it. Oh, and ice the beer, too.
  7. Steve, thanks for hosting an enjoyable evening.ptyd Hope your leg is better and you're down in the salt in the coming days.

    A question: is dynamite effective in motivating Pinks to bite? Would the blast upset your neighbors? And what's the best pattern to throw in front of the fleeing fish? :D
  8. Steve, thanks for hosting the swap and the gathering too. It was great meeting you this morning. Sorry about your leg, I hope that all goes well for your fast recovery and return to the water. I also hope you are 100% before those students get word of your injury. Beautiful sanctuary from the city, I hope you'll be inviting us back.

    Sorry I missed all the swappers, I hope that I'll get to see those I know and meet those I don't know at another beach, river or gathering soon.
  9. Yes, thanks Steve for hosting! The burgers were great! Just too bad the fish didn't show up too. That is quite a lovely spot there. I hope the leg heals quickly so you can get back to slayin' them. I hope your right and there is much more to come.

  10. Steve I would also like to thank you for hosting the swap, and it was a pleasure hanging out together with you and Ed on the water.

    I look forward to doing that again in the future and maybe we'll catch some fish this time.

    In addition, I hope the word from the doc was positive and you'll get to be back in the water soon.

  11. I have everybody's flies if you didn't get them. If you'll PM me with your address, I'll get your boxes out to you. My leg is doing well. No clotting and thank God, no surgery. I'm hobbling around but each day has gotten better and I hope to get out sometime this week. The drugs are helping , too. LOL. I'm heading for the San Juans on Thursday and I understand there may be some Sockeye up there. I'll be taking my pink flies and any others that might help catch any reds I might run across. Thanks for all of your concerns. Let's do it again. We don't have to swap flies to get together for a beer and BBQ at my place.
  12. Steve thank you for the GREAT SWAP
    you are the host with the MOST
    thank you for the food
    the stories and the fishing
    Glad the leg is ok
  13. All flies shipped off today. You guys that haven't gotten yours should see them in a day or two as I shipped them First Class.

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