Face to Face Spey swap in Belliwash

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Chris Johnson, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. I had so much fun at Mumbles Madness, I thought I'd try to get one going in Bellingham.
    Any takers? Steelhead or salmon spey flies, 12 participants, first part of Nov, Chuckanut brewery.

    1. Chris Johnson
    2. Daconil
    3. Jadon Berry
  2. Count me in Chris. I need to get up to Bellingham to spend some time with the folks anyways.
  3. Thanks for the response Daconil, but there seems to be no interest, so I guess we can move on. Thanks again
  4. Giving up already? The post has only been up a few days.
  5. If people still want to do it I'm still game, I'm flexible with dates, time and place.
  6. I'll bite. I have to warn you that I haven't tied many spey style though. If we are talking November though I can get some practice in before the swap and maybe post some pics for you all to critique.

    Let me know if a beginner is welcome. If not, we can still go for a beer and talk fishing.

  7. Your on the list Jadon, Hopefully we can get some more people interested and get something going. :thumb:
  8. As usual, I'm happy to stop by and say hi and/or have a beer with folks (if the baby hasn't nixed my plans for the day). But I do not tie. So I won't be a swap participant.
  9. No prob Josh, the more the merrier.
  10. Bump. There has to be more people in Bellingham that want to participate.
  11. You might try posting another thread with "Bellingham" or "Whatcom" in the title rather than "belliwash". Might be confusing some people.
  12. Chris,

    How many flies do we need to tie to get in on this.
  13. I was thinking one fly per swapper, so at the most 11. :thumb:

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