Face to Face SRC Marine Worm Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, May 26, 2009.

  1. Shoot, Hoss, if you drive by all the time, stop in and say hello. Dumas BAy is just down the road. Have you ever fished it?
  2. used to hook alot of perch there
    those glacier erratics at the south end by the the old "builtgood" barge held nice schools
    havent fished there in too long
    an old timer told me that cutties frequent those two creeks in the bay
    lets hit it up next time im over there
    and talk about worms
    i will never forget getting bit by a huge pile worm there
    it was a scene from "Dune"
  3. Sorry to hear your dropping out Matt.

    Next time I see you out (at Picnic or elswhere) i'll save one for you.

    Hope things get better for you soon.

    Thats it

    get tying 14 flies
    and one for yourself

    We are meeting on Friday July 17, 2009
    Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor
    6:00 pm

    1 Kelvin
    2 DimeBrite
    3 John Hilt
    4 Steve Saville
    5 Ed Call
    6 Ben Waldschmidt
    7 Chester Allen
    8 Mathew Gulbranson
    9 Rob Ast
    10 Richard Torres
    11 Eric Tarcha
    12 Kerfwappie
    13 Rockfish
    14 Sean K
    15 Banzai
  5. HUGE SWAP!!! this is cool... how many worm patterns can their be though? time to get creative....
  6. This swap seems to be taking on a life of its own. I have to go get some more materials so I can keep up. I've tied only two so far and seem to be falling further behind all the time. It's all thanks to Chester's post. Remind me to thank you in person, Chester, when we meet up. I can't remember how big the Tides is. Do they have a banquet room? lol.
  7. I have seven done

    I will call the Tides and make sure we have some room

  8. Looks like there are a few....
  9. here's where I am at
  10. I spoke with a friend of a friend who works in the marine aquatics industry. She gave me some photos of common cold water worms and said that some fish may eat as much as 40% of their diets of worms when baitfish are scarse.

    These two are my sessile (tube/feather worm) and motile (fire/bristle) worms:
    Not sure the body material on the motile version will stay the same or if I will use some v-rib plastics
  11. Dude those are awesome

    -Inside the mind of a sea run cutthroat....."I'D HIT THAT"
  12. The bristle worm has a rust colored hackle feather tied in along the shank. I picked out a couple of fibers from each side as I wrapped the chenile body. That took a while going all the way up. Not sure if I'll tie one, the other, both or something else altogether. Is the color too light? Drab?

  13. seems to me when digging claims alot of the Worms, scuds, sand feas ,and sand shrimp all have that drab green /olive geen color to them

    I read alot of posts on here of Resident Coho being filled with olive green scuds
    I can not say because I have never bonked one and cleaned it
    I may next time I get one and it is legal to keep it just to see for myself

    I would go with that color
    most people seem to be tying worms in shades of red
    so It might be nice to mix it up

    while jigging for squid and herring at night I have often seen small orange worm looking things swimming along on the surface only to be smacked by what looked like nice sized salmon, sea runs, or steel head???

    Not really sure what the creatures are????
    shout it out if you know someone
    but think a tube fly in orange with some foam on it would make a great imitation

    they look exactly like the hackle fly you have tied
  14. Kelvin, I got my bead heads glued to my tubes over the weekend and I'm gonna tie them on single tubes just like the photo. Thanks for the input, I hope they get someone's line stretched. It is really great to get messages from folks that have used one of my humble ties and caught fish.
  15. I've been looking for patterns for this swap but nothing I have found compares to the quality of flys I have as to this point I will be receiving. Great job to those of you that have posted pics of your patterns they look great!
  16. What do you guys think about something like this?
  17. Inside the mind of a searun cutthroat....

    "I"D HIT THAT!"
  18. I think that would be a great chum fly
  19. Sean_K, how about some v-rib or other large body stuff? Stick some short rubber legs sprigs out between the sections and presto, marine "fire" or "bristle" worm.

    Steve, I'd hit that too. It is like a super sized inverted chironmid wtih a big flashy maribou fan saying "here cuttie cuttie".

  20. call it the CHUM LUNCH:thumb:

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