Face to Face SRC Marine Worm Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, May 26, 2009.

  1. Okay, Chum Lunch. It isn't the one I was going to tie for the swap but I'll make up a bunch for you guys. I think I'll put a light coat of epoxy over the body for duability. I have a couple of other color combinations I'm going to experiment with, too. I'll post pictures when I get them finished.
  2. Steve, I'll say again I think that fly is nice. As for being experimental...all flies are experimental in my opinion. One never knows for sure that any fly tied on will do anything but answer the question will they hit it or not? Sure some experimenters have such long history with their patterns (we all know and regard their typed words as gospel) but I think it is still a form of experimentation. Science, recreation, hobby, creativitity you can go on and on!
  3. Here are a few more I have been working on
    something thought one looked like a snack
    and I know its getting to the bottom
  4. Kelvin you are all over this...
  5. Kelvin, those are sweeet! I think I'd trim the bristles a little on the orange epoxy back model. That looks like a fish getter to me.
  6. Here's what I'm working on. The pattern is still evolving. I'm thinking the fish will hit these worms in the middle somewhere, so I'm trying a few with the hook on a stinger line. They're all about 4" long and weighted with dumbbells. The dubbing rope is really articulate in the water. I'm not happy with the hackles the way they are, so I'm working on an idea with a bead or cone and a marabou wingcase kind of thing tied with the ends of the marabou forward like a reverse spider. Maybe it'll look like a tube worm out of it 's tube. I'm also thinking about adding some olive color to the mix. Whadda ya think?

  7. Eric, all cool, I'm thinking the simplicity of the one upper left is real nice.
  8. Kerf
    I was thinking the same thing

    I wanna see what it does in the water first
    I may trim it on the beach till it looks the way I want

    measure four times
    cut once
    or tie again

    its not epoxy it's UV knot sense so it stays kinda soft

    I have been going kinda crazy with that sh-t lately
  9. those are hot
    I'd hit that
  10. I've been meaning to try that stuff ever since Big E used it on his Euphasiid pattern. How fast does it set up?
  11. Hey Ed,
    That was the first one I tied.
  12. Send that first one to me, I'll get it wet. I like it but those with the hackle on the bottom will probably draw more attention with pulsating action. I guess I'm a simple fool!

  13. instantly
    under UV light or in sunlight

    I like it because

    instant gratifacation takes too long

  14. Here are few more ideas.....
    looking on line this seems endless.

    worms and fish
    two great tastes that go great together

    I going to tie 22 flies
    seems like we have some others coming on the 17th that are not "officially"
    in the swap becase this this is soooooooo cool

    must bring us all back to the time we treaded a worm on an hook and caught our first fish

    if you're coming and not part of the swap bring something to swap any way
    all are welcome

    if your in the swap please up date me on how you are doing with your ties
    we have alot of time and
    we all know about the human tendency to procrastinate
    OR go fishing
  15. I tied up the full set for the swapers...I think I did seventeen. All I need to do is insert the glo-bug hooks that I'm putting into them and I'm also tying on a short piece of flourocarbon with a perfection loop (for you to use or cut off but to hold my tag). I was considering tying a second set. No promises. Sessile version is finished. Motile will be teh second set if I decide to go that route.

    This face to face swap and social thing is becoming a cult classic, no?
  16. Can you believe the reaction to this swap? It's still a month and a half away and we're talking private room, twenty plus flies in case others show up, extra flies for non-swappers, social phenomina, cults, classics, and it's all because of Chester's original post. Somebody buy that guy a beer!
  17. :beer1:Hell, if I'm not mistaken in the recent tradition of face to face swaps that beer and a few more might be on Kelvin's tab...:beer1:
  18. Alright then! I'm not a big drinker but I'll let Kelvin buy a couple.
  19. Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
    -Henry David Thoreau

    apparently it was free beers
  20. Yep, I'll drink to that Kelvin! :beer1:

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