fall lake pattern

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by luv2fly2, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. does anybody have a pattern that works much better in the fall. other than steels i have not fished in the fall. hunting has been the sport of choice. thanks, mike w
  2. Soft hackles and dries to match whatever bug activity you find always seem to work.
  3. For me it was leeches on a sinking line. They worked better than most other patterns.
  4. Red or brown adult dragons
  5. Dark, windy fall days and buggers, leeches, or whatever favorite streamer patterns you have are a great combo. On bright days looks for bug activity and match up.
  6. Fish are tired of tiny bites this time of year. Toss a big ugly sculpin olive/brown in color, eratic retrieve. Use strong tippet.
  7. What I have found is if you have some orange in your pattern you will have better success. That is if you tie an olive bugger use an orange bead head or wrap the front with orange chenille. You will get more strikes doing this.

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