Fall on Lake Lenore

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tom Merrill, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. Tom Merrill

    Tom Merrill Member

    I've fished Lenore in the spring and done well. What does anyone know about Lake Lenore in the fall. Do the fish concentrate well if fall as well as the spring? What patterns tend to be most successful? I'd appreciate any advice.

  2. aaron j

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    I like Lenore better in the fall after the water has cooled and the algae has subsided. There aren't the crowds, and I'm not messing with the trouts' love lives. The fish are also more energetic. They don't concentrate as much at the north or south ends as much as near shore. For me, large flies such as olive buggers work well, something with movement and flash. Last spring there were quite a few decent-sized Lahontans in the lake, so fall should produce very well. Good luck!
    Aaron j
  3. Rxfisher

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    I've never fished Lenore but these large Lahots are interesting me. Anyone want to hook up and head for Lenore around the first weekend in October for a day or maybe two. I have pontoon boat and a large truck with canopy, willing to drive
  4. Crump

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    I'd be interested in making another trip to Lenore. Last spring I hit it and It was on fire! We fished an evening after all day at rocky ford creek and landed something like 15 fish in an hour for 3 of us, and hooked and lost just as many. Im there!
  5. Scott

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    Hi Aaron,

    Iv'e fished Lenore (as well as Pyramid) a half dozen times and it seems that I always hit it when they half lock jaw. I can only imagine this happens quite often, as I am imitating the regulars techniques quite closly... as well as the catch rates being quite low among other anglers when im around... Just my luck i guess. Have you come across this at all?

    Also, my father is coming into town the last weekend of October and loves to fish lakes. Will the fishing still be good at that time? I would love to get him into a big cutt...

  6. aaron j

    aaron j Member

    Should be ok still. The water temp will probably be alright into middle November. As to the lock jaw, yes it happens, don't ask me why. Those big fish need to eat to keep up that weight, so it's a matter of finding what they are chowing on at the moment. A lot of people use chironomids, but I like to strip big streamers. There used to be a good population of tiger salamanders in Lenore, and the Lahontans gobbled them up with gusto. Like I said before, big Olive Wooly Buggers, brown or black as well, muddlers, etc. Before I learned the art of fly fishing, I casted spoons to them. I would paint Kastmasters shades of green with yellow spots, and Krocodile spoons too. They were very effective.
    Try along the rocky stretch in the middle of the lake, and at the north end along the rocks. If you're in a tube/boat, go to the south west shore where the flats meet the cliffs. Those have been the best places for me. One day my wife caught a 28"er from the shore in the little rocky bay at the north end. Outdid me, she did!
  7. Scott

    Scott New Member

    Thanks Aaron... Very cool. Maybe one of these days we can hit it together...