Fall Orvis Days, Sat. Oct 6

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  1. Fall Orvis Days Program, Sat. Oct. 6

    Book Signing: Richard Stoll, "Fly Fishing Inshore Saltwaters for Pacific Salmon."

    11AM-12PM - Tenkara Fishing: Lex Story, seminar, on-the-water demo and fishing

    12:30-1:30 Doug Rose, Olympic Peninsula Steelhead

    2:00-3:00 Leland Miyawaki, Idaho Fall Steelhead

    3:30-4:30 Bill Zytkowicz, Fly Fishing Small Stream Trout

    Plus: Speyburn Whisky and Waterbrook Winery Tastings; Hamburger Sliders; JnJ Cigars

    Featuring: "Down the Road" Bluegrass/Folk Band
    Leland Miyawaki
    Orvis Bellevue
    10223 NE 10th St
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  2. Is this something we need to sign up for or just show up at the time for the info we're interested in? Sounds like a great event with some good topics of discussion. Thanks!
  3. Simply show up for the seminar when you want to. . . enjoy a little bluegrass, some food and a little booze if you'd like.

  4. Orvis Days, Oct. 6: 11AM - Lex Story will present a special seminar on Tenkara - the ancient Japanese way of fly fishing. After the seminar, Les will adjourn to the river and will give an on-the-water demo and teach you how to fish. Tenkara complete outfits will be available for purchase.

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  5. Orvis Days, Saturday Oct 6, 12:30 - 1:30: Doug Rose, noted blogger, author of "The Color of Winter," guide, and all-around terrific guy speaking on Olympic Peninsula Winter Steelhead.


  6. When did Bill Zytkowicz(Flybill) become a teacher or an instructor??
  7. Orvis Days - It's going to be a great day today! Sales, seminars, food, booze, music and cigars. . . and most importantly, free parking in the Avalon Building entrance "public parking."

    See you there!
  8. Met Bill and Leland today. Couple of grate dudes and looking forward to doing business with Orvis in the future. Thanks guys!

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