Fall-Small, Pig Hunting in Happy Waters

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Golden Trout, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Finally!!! 52.6 degree Surface temp and some willing trout. These cooler, oxygen rich "Happy Waters" can cause feeding frenzies and decent Pig Hunting. This morning through early afternoon saw the fish Gods smiling for a change. Smallest of about 5 0r 6 landed trout was 3 lbs. Fish were regurgitating very small scuds and tiny, sub-adult damsels with the occasional back swimmer. Sooooo, thinking small in the fall paid off. My smallest damsel had a marabou tail longer than the real bug but was small enough to fake out the pigs. A very small micro leech also fooled a few more.

    Fall fishing is a calculated affair with very few hatches. To make things tougher, most of the bigger fish have been culled, poached, summer killed, or caught many times. Nevertheless, the rewards are awesome; big, bright fish that fight hard in the cold water.
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  2. To bad you had to wait until now to get out there when the fishing is "tougher". You missed out on some good fishing this year.
  3. Fishing with a clear conscious will set you free.
  4. Does this mean I have your permission to start fishing again? I've been waiting for the word.

    I'm glad there are folks like you out there, so willing to tell the rest of us what is right and wrong.
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  5. I love micro leeches, but all year long, not just in the fall. I think small all the time, but in the fall I tend to think bigger. Small for me is 20 and 18 when fishing kids. Size 12 and 14 micro leeches are medium.

    Glad to hear you found some. I also found some 20+" fish this weekend. Since I don't weigh my fish (I can't imagine what that would do to a fish, how do you do it without harming them?) I don't know how much they weighed.

  6. approaching life with a weak conscience will drive you crazy, or at least the people around you.
  7. Nick: Consider yourself free which is "right" according to your conscious. I am honored that you waited.
    Ira: Pounds are approximated and has always been an indicator, for me, of a healthy fish. In other words, I have caught long but skinny fish. That said, 20" could be a dark, large-head, tissue fish. I have never been sure at what hook size a leech becomes "micro".
    68: So true, Grasshopper.
  8. Ira, in NZ, they always talk about pounds, never inches or cm. Many guides, therefore, use a soft net that has a scale in the handle*. However, it does require removing the fish from water. I bought one and was surprised to find it very accurate (at least with a 5lb bag of flour). That said, I find don't really use it as I also have a MeasureNet that I prefer. Now, if they could combine the two, that would be a cool product.

    Golden, sorry for the hijack...

    * http://www.mcleanangling.co.nz/catch-and-release-weigh-nets.html
  9. I am honored that I honor you.
  10. It's gettin' deep in here...and I don't mean water...:D

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