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  1. The WDFW is asking for comments on the 2012-2014 hunting seasons. One of the proposals is asking how to increase participation in the fall turkey season. I proposed that they allow the use of dogs during the fall turkey season (not in the spring season). Dogs can help locate the flock and they can break the flock up, so the hunter can call the birds back into shooting range. They also prevent the loss of crippled birds. We are allowed to hunt every other bird with the use of dogs, so why not fall turkeys? We hunt grouse with dogs in the fall and winter during the general and late fall turkey seasons. If you have a fall turkey tag and run into a flock of turkeys while grouse hunting, do you have to take your dog back to the vehicle before you harvest a turkey? The Dept is accepting comments by email and snail mail until Feb 21. If this makes sense to you please let the WDFW know. Here is their email, wildthing@dfw.wa.gov
    Thanks to all who respond. SS
  2. I don't have a dog so it wouldn't make much difference to me to allow them or not. I think one way to increase participation would be to open more area to Fall hunting. If I remember correctly the last time I hunted the Fall season there were only a few zones open and they were mostly northeast state. A bit of a drive for most west siders.
  3. Personally, I will hunt a fall turkey if I don't fill my Spring tag, but I'd be more eager to hunt Fall and Spring if Turkey tags weren't so expensive. I can (theoretically) shoot 4 geese, 7 ducks, 3 pheasants, etc. on any given day in the late fall and winter under my small game license and a few other add-ons for migratory. But to shoot one turkey I pay ~20 bucks?
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    Lower cost per tag definitely would help get more hunters out. Also higher limits in areas with outrageous overpopulation of turkey. IE lots of areas in the northeast. The people who live around them hate them. And the state is never gonna keep up with proper management at a cost of 20$ a tag unless they start throwin out land mines in the off season.
  5. All valid points listed above. The fall season has changed in the last few years. Most of the East side of the state is open under the general fall season, no permit needed just a valid turkey tag. The only areas with a permit draw are Klickitat (150 permits) and Methow (50 permits). Be sure to let them know about your feelings on the price of the tag. SS
  6. That's a good point on the price. Maybe being able to buy multiple tags also. If I'm going to spend the time and money to go to the NE part of the state it would be great to shoot more than one bird. Especially if they have a population issue there.
  7. This last year general fall season (Sept 24-Oct 7) in GMU's 105-124 had a limit of two (2) beardless turkeys in addition to other fall turkey harvest. Plus the same GMU's had a late hunt (Nov 20-Dec 15), that would be great if you lived in the area and the tags were less expensive. Lots of opportunity for fall birds. You can harvest three fall birds, so I'm figuring that Washington State has plenty of birds and being allowed to use dogs wouldn't impact the population all that much. Couple that with lower price turkey tags and they (WDFW) just might get more fall turkey hunting Participation. Thanks for your input. SS
  8. Can't argue with these great points!

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