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  1. Ritari, graylng shoudn't count either should cuttthroat. too easy. And snagging is the only legal way to catch a paddel fish besides with a bow and arrow. So that should count. tried last year swinging a a sparse traditional atlantic salmon pattern tied on a 10/0 trebble on my 10wt spey with 18 ft of T-14. I think that all non-game fish should be worth more. hard to catch.

    gallery is up...let's see it.
  2. Paddle fish have to go big on the scoring.
  3. Zen
    Caddis Madness

    Question: Any bonus points if Yuhina brings in a Short-Nosed Gar or an Alabama Sturgeon?
  4. And even if you could get one to eat a fly, it would probably just end up in the gill rakers anyway. A spey pattern on a 10/0 treble?! - puhleeez post a pic of that fly!
  5. Alright, who on Team FlyBill is out fishing or was this morning? Pictures? Get to work! :clown:

    1. Rick Matney
    2. Yard
    3. Zen
    4. D3Smartie
    5. D-Ray
  6. My final cut. :thumb:

    I got a couple stocker trout this morning, but just couldn't bring myself to snap pics of the 12inchers. I'm not going to be throwing up many pics until after June 1. Then hopefully the rivers aren't so blown with snow melt that I can find some summer steel and maybe a king salmon on the Skykomish. Fellas, if I'm on your team, it's not too late to replace me with one of the young guns who'll be in alaska or something.... I know you have big money riding on this an all :clown:
  7. My final cut. I only picked those who I have personally witnessed their prowess. I reserve the right to pick up Pat M if he ever gets out of his skunk funk :)

    East Fork
    Steelie Mike
    Mike Doughty
  8. If I was to play:
    Zen's mom
    Mrs. Mingo

    And if any of you calls Mingo away on urgent business, I'll buy your beer.:)
  9. Good call Mark. I dont want to be the guy thats dragging ass.
  10. u already r
  11. and how did you help your team today champ?
  12. 1 whole brownie. that's 1 1/2 pnts. worth
  13. Theres always tomorrow your the man to beat now.
  14. 5 points today after work in 30 min. Pre spawn.. Scoones please don't ban me! :beer2: It's all in good fun!
  15. As the owner of what is obviosly the best team in the league its no wonder guys are getting scared and not taking pictures of all their fish. POINTS MATTER!!! This is some serious shit and its not about the glory shot it is about getting out and putting up some numbers.
    Oh by the way, did you guys check your signing bonus clause???

    It clearly states,

    Any player on Sinktips team that is leading in the points standings at the end of each month gets one bottle of Jamison Whiskey delivered via ups!!!!

    Serious enough, I think so.
  16. So has this thing started?
  17. Booyah!
  18. HELL YEAH!!!!
  19. HAAAA Monty, that Jamison is smooth brotha', thanks for getting me off the dog piss-"makers mark" :)

    anyone up for "THE DOCK"

    i think davey's still there with fat chick ,heeeeeeeeeeheehe

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