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  1. my album is set to public and my pic still went to the main gallery.
  2. i figured out how to do it in your "profile" but the file size is way smaller and I don't think that you can put that many in it. We might just have to make this very public. If anyone figures it out let me know. Other than that I have an album in my gallery with all the fish for the fantasy thing. I might be looked down upon by some of the members on the board but f#$@ 'em if they can't take a joke. :beer2:
  3. Just say the word if you want a separate category in the gallery for this.
  4. THE WORD!
  5. THE WORD, to the third.

    But still,
  6. Added. Main list of categories, at the bottom.

    Go there before hitting the upload link.
    Note that there are two extra fields of info to add after it's uploaded and the gallery queries you for additional info. FFFT Point Value & FFFT Angler.
  7. as sak would say "word"
  8. still puts them on the main page.....oh well :rolleyes:
  9. This whole fantasy fly fishing thing sounds like fun and has my attention... but i dont really want to make a team unless i know i can put my full effort into it. And if i start putting my full effort into it i'll be getting fired from my job and divorce papers before the end of the competetion. Also I rarely take photos of my catch... and lately due to lack of fly fishing my catch which would actually qualify for this contest is pretty low.

    Anyways...if its fantasy sports i think we need a draft.... where are the free agents..waiver order and weekly head to head match ups??? is there going to be brackets? maybe a week by week H2H match ups tournament set up like the field of 64?

    Anyways ill watch and see how it goes! good luck teams. :thumb:
  10. Changed it up a bit to make the counting easier, organizing by member instead of just the latest photo. Keep putting the points in the subject title. I'll see about limiting the view from the latest photos, but at first pass through the settings I could find a way. Still looking.
  11. I say keep the newest up in the main gallery. It's fish porn! I know I can take it! Although can you make sure to limit Matney's photo's or at least organize them by which shirt he wears and hide the ones with the mullet! j/k :clown:
  12. You don't have to be on your own fantasy team. If you are, you only get half points for your own fish anyway, so don't let your own limited fishing stop you from picking a team. You don't even have to pay attention if you don't want to. Just come back at the end of July and add up the point from each of your team member's galleries.

    Look at it this way: Let's say an evil fish farm had a net failure and thousands of non-native fish escaped, threatening the natives. You're tasked with picking a group of 5 people to go in there and clean house on the escapees. Who would those people be? That should be your team.
  13. Well since you put it that way! I'm in!!! well is there going to be a prize? are we all putting in $10 bucks in the pot..and top 5 get a prize of some money??? I'll have to pick a team here pretty soon...
  14. backyard is there a size limit. i caught some fish today that i wouldn't normally take pics of or post for that matter, but they would count towards points. are you setting a size limit or not?
  15. Go ahead call me a stat slut

    My Picks;

  16. my team is

    K2Flyfisher (south american fish count right???)

    Lets hope someone hasnt already picked them.
  17. matney
    rob zelk
  18. I feel as though I don't want to post photos untill the end of the contest....Is everyone else doing this as well??? Don't see many fish.

    Also, Chris, Sandpoint Outfitters will donate five, $50 gift certificates for our online store to the winning team.
  19. A little last minute, but my picks are:
    Clint F

    Also it seems to me that there should be bonus points for any SRC over 20" as these are pretty dang rare to come by, and definitely a lot more rare that say a 5 lb rainbow at Rocky Ford or a Lahontan of the same size at Omak or Lenore... Just my 2 cents...

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