Fantasy Fly Fishing Team / Contest

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Backyard, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Zane Wyll Member

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    I am in

    2. Zen
    3. Doughty
    4.Mark Bove
    5.Hog Wrangler

    Come on guys get out there and make it happen.
  2. HogWrangler Member

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    Hey Yard, do drawings of fish count??!! :D Because if so, I'll draw a pic of a coelacanth with a shock and awe hanging out of its mouth!
  3. Hooker Banned or Parked

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    I will have to think about my team.
    I would suggest length cut-offs as opposed to the 5 pound mark as that would be very difficult to judge and measuring by length would recognise the quality of a fish like a steelhead as opposed to just giving the extra 10 points for being over 5 pounds which 99-100% of the entrants would be. Have a base line and then a point for every inch over that mark.
  4. MacRowdy Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan

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    All I gotta say is Excellent! There've got to be some carp around here somewhere..........
  5. bhudda heffe'

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    oh yeah im sure chris and brendan will be tearing up the east side channels!
  6. Dave Hartman is tired of trout

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    Yard, this is a sick idea!

    I'm gonna go with a Little League team. My picks are:

    1) my man CoastalCut! That boy gets out and fishes like the big boys do. Plus, he throws up more pics than Brett Farve.
    2) Hogwrangler is gonna have a good season. I think he can paint realistic enough to pass off his work as the real thing. Plus, the boy's got love in his heart.
    3) Clint F is also gonna have a good year with his new boat.
    4) Flytyerboy95thousand is definitely going to make me proud. Plus, he's frickin' adorable!
    5) This is kinda' like picking Randy Moss, but. . . . He's ready to make a comeback; he's got a lot to prove; and if he's let back on the board, I'm sure he might finally post those pictures of New York's 30 pound cookiecutter-steel.

    If I can't successfully lobby for Sick's reinstatement to the League, then I have a spot open on my team, any takers?
  7. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    No matter what I always seem to get my name drug through the mud. Hey, you left grayling off your list.

    Jeff, I don't catch smolts anymore. I'm in Montana where there aren't any. Just Cutts anymore with a big rainbow thrown in for good measure.

  8. Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

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    Ok here is my pick.

    1. D3Smartie
    2. gigharborflyfisher
    3. Mike Doughty
    4. ibn
    5. chadk
  9. junebug41 Junior Dave Monti fan

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    This is the greatest F-ing idea I've heard in a long time.

    Commentary on my life? Maturity? Mentality? ... Possibly.

    I thought about trying to win, and just picking all the ringers who live in Montana and/or post a ton of photos, like Zen, Ritari, Soltau, etc., but then I'd have to root for those guys, and shit -- they already catch too many fish.

    Then I thought about an all-underdog squad, captained by OMJ (dressed as he was in the attached photo)... but I probably don't have deep enough knowledge to pick the five best underdogs.

    So it finally hit me... the obvious choice... the all MAINE squad:

    1. Myself (jeez, I'd be a handicap already, but only getting HALF points?)
    2. "Maine" Wayne Jordan
    3. Chris Puma (even though I hear he's actually a Masshole and never fishes anymore)
    EDIT: 4. Oh damn! I almost forgot Dave Hartman is from Maine AND has the Montana Advantage!

    ... ummm... OK, I need two more. Anyone else ever lived in Maine? Ever visited? I'm willing to negotiate. EDIT: Just one more now!
  10. rockymountain_brown Senore Member

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    Kevin Burnham (fellow brown fisher)
    Jmills (too bad suckers aren't on the list...)
    Mohound(if he ever posts here again)
  11. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    hellz yeah! let's see in the 1st round team doughty picks chris!? disregard that clown don't fish, what the hell was i thinking? let me try this again. i will take some anil with a whole lotta ibn, mixed in with some 'yard', spiced up with some coreyk and topped off with a little steelie mike. CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!! between this group of ass clowns i'm a shoe in for the trophy. sorry ladies you might as well quit now.
    1. ibn-catches all species
    2. jergens-young, gifted and black
    3. backyard-catches big trouties and garbage carp
    4. coreyk-fishes the weber lots
    5. steelie mike-catches lots of fish period!
    let me say it one more time........CHAMPIONSHIP!

  12. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    sorry're out:p
  13. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    the uinta's
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    hey when's the trade deadline so in case the one utard on my team (excess baggage) doesn't earn his salary i can trade him to some other desperate team looking for a 4th stringer?
  14. Ray Member

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    You can catch sturgeon on a fly rod?
  15. Mark Bové Chasin tail

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    how many points is a 20 pound rainbow worth...
  16. Sloan Craven Active Member

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    :rofl: You'd think you actually had some money riding.
  17. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    Well, I'm gonna go with the all Red Sox team:

    1.) Dave Hartman- The only team mate that I actually know. Should be good for some large trout and Pike in MT.

    2.) AK Powder Monkey- Confirmed resident of the Nation and of Alaska.

    3.) Mike Etgen- I don't know this gentlemen but he is a confirmed Red Sox fan and therefore a better person than any non-sox fan.

    4.)Wayne Jordan- He's from Maine I'm from New Hampshire. Vermonters not allowed.

    5.) Cris Puma- This was tough as Panhandle is also a Sox fan. I have recieved information that Mr. Puma is unsure if being part of Red Sox Nation is for him. This is the first step in his recruitment. Welcome aboard Mr. Puma! If he does not sign on then we'll call up the handle from Pawtucket.

    Go Red Sox,
  18. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    you are just a gluten for punishment
  19. Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

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    Remember to pick guys who are young and do not have full time jobs !! Or guys that refuse to to get real jobs !! Also will this be like a fantasy league where you can make trades? So for instance a Ritari or a Zen get a summer painting job or cleaning motel rooms and can't fish. Can we trade them ?? I was going to mention Rick but thats a given that SOB will be fishing everyday !! :hmmm::hmmm::hmmm:
  20. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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    Well it looks like I'll be going back to Maine this summer to catch hundreds of these in a week...

    and maybe a few of these just for kicks, and no this isn't an albacore...

    and maybe a few of these toothy critters...

    Looks like it's time to dust off the big guns.