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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Backyard, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. prosopium

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    I'm looking for some dark horses. as in people who dont take pictures of fish. do we get any points if we tell you about the fish we catch? always look out for the quiet guys right? i dont think i have taken a picture of a fish in about two years except for the occasional steelhead. let me know and maybe i might put a "team" together
  2. mike doughty

    mike doughty Honorary Member

    hey every team needs a little handicap. i didn't know you still existed sinktip. put me in coach i'm ready to play
  3. Backyard

    Backyard SANCHO!

    Sorry Mike, no trades after the 05/05 deadline. Your final list must be completed before then.

    Yes. Some places it is not legal to target sturgeon with artificials. But a bycatch will be counted because it's pretty freakin cool.

    The same a 5lb Bow 7 points.

    This is an issue I was thinking about. Most of this is riding on the honor system, so photos with just the fish solo, in your hand in the water or across the legs in a float tube will have to count for half points.

    Edit will be made to the rules.
  4. mike doughty

    mike doughty Honorary Member

    damn there are so many ballers to choose from. can i have a utility slot?
  5. rodeo11

    rodeo11 Meat chucker

    This is a phenomenal idea. I have noticed a lot of the same people are being picked several times. This is an open call to anyone that wants to form a team that hasn't been selected yet. I am graduating from WSU in May and I don't want to start my career yet so I plan on hittin the summer hard. Also got a 2 1/2 week visit in Bozeman set up in July. Let me know if you want to join and are interested on taking a chance at beating some of the superior teams. All Cougs are welcome!!

  6. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    1. SAK
    2. Jergens
    3. Doughty
    4. Fullerfly
    5. Crump
  7. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    doughty, you're not going to Iraq again are you??
  8. Sloan Craven

    Sloan Craven Active Member

    Steelie Mike
    James Mello
  9. yuhina

    yuhina Tropical member

    Here is my dream fantasy team:

    2.East Fork
    3.Itchy Dog

    1.2 are bluegill specialists, targeting 6lb gill also accumulate all the little points, if no limit on number.

    3. for all different kinds of trout.

    4.5 are my dark horses. They never post photos, but they are Pros.
  10. XstreamAngler

    XstreamAngler ...has several mistresses.



  11. alpinetrout

    alpinetrout Banned or Parked

    I think you're missing the concept of a "fantasy" team. You don't ask permission or cooperatively form a team, you just pick who you want and run with it.
  12. mike doughty

    mike doughty Honorary Member

    not in the time frame of the comp.
  13. fullerfly

    fullerfly Calvin Fuller

    ...and myself.
  14. Panhandle

    Panhandle Active Member

    I'm going to have to hire someone to follow me around and take pictures. :D

    If I take pics myself, which I seldom do, and I'm not in the pic, which is the problem with fishing alone, is that valid?

    My team:

    -Me of course
    -Fishtolive..... start taking some pics dude! We'll crush if you were to document your fishing.
  15. mike doughty

    mike doughty Honorary Member

    read backyard's last post
  16. John Hicks

    John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

    1) Alpinetrout

    Bring the pain. Oh yeah and why the hell would you pick yourself? You only get half the points. I guess you have to post twice the pics :thumb:
  17. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    Clint and SAK - sounds like you like an underdog team for a challenge. But seriously, I'm not a competitor so I'd recommend taking me off your team. See Kevin's post about being married, having kids, and a demanding job, owning a home with a big yard, etc... Besides, this time period is one of my slowest fishing wise. I start getting serious around Aug through Feb. And also, I fish alone most of the time, and I'm not going to risk the fish just to get my ugly mug in a shot - so most of my pics would be 1/2 points. I'm sure I'll throw a few pics up like normal, but nothing like these other guys will produce...
  18. Buck

    Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

  19. mike doughty

    mike doughty Honorary Member

    Well'p count me out......i can't compete with that:)
  20. Hooker

    Hooker Banned or Parked