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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Backyard, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Flyborg

    Flyborg Active Member

    Are you going to cap the number on a given species? Mike, Jamie and I are going to be kicking out an awful lot of shad here in a month. I'm not sure Scoones is going to appreciate his pic board getting spammed with herring :)


    I choose
    1) myself
    2) Panhandle.....I will if you will:thumb:
    3) mediger
    4) LT
    5) FLGator

    1/ alot:rofl:

    3/4....great fisherman and do well on small creeks with huge browns and bows:thumb: in fly placement for the "Golden Bones" ;)
  3. Panhandle

    Panhandle Active Member

    John, you have the Carpe' covered right? :D


  5. flyfishnm

    flyfishnm Member

    The Brown Stools*
    (Aka. Brown Trout fanatics)

    1. RockmountainBrown
    2. KevinB
    3. MoHound
    4. Doughty
    5. Myself

    I'm counting on MoHound to pull through 'cause he never posts photos of the toady browns he catches.
  6. rick matney

    rick matney Active Member

    With the 5 lb rule do length and girth measurements count or do we need pics of the scale? That fish calculator in my experience is complete crap. It always overshoots my rapala digital scale. Just sayin'

    Also....are you frigging serious? Do you know how long it is going to take to upload that many photos! I just quit all my jobs just for this!

    Mothers day caddis, big hole salmon flies, rainbow spawn on the horn, lightning bug on the yellowstone, carp spawn in canyon ferry, pike run in battle creek, creek opener, and what about paddelfish and catfish?

    Do we get extra points for breaking state or world records?....say on maybe whitefish? :confused:
  7. hikepat

    hikepat Patrick

    why not here my list
    Rocky Mountain Brown
    Steelie Mike
    Kevin Barnham
  8. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

  9. mike doughty

    mike doughty Honorary Member

    state record or not you should get -5 points for any stupid whitefish
  10. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    panhandle (deadhead)
    mike doughty
    wayne jordan
    chad k
  11. flybill

    flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Well I'm not reading through this whole thread, but my team will be:

    1. Rick Matney
    2. Yard
    3. Zen
    4. D3Smartie
    5. D-Ray

    Now catch those fish and post those pic's! :beer1:

    Bill :cool:
  12. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    Seems like the favorites are Matney, Bove, Doughty, Ringlee, Yard, Zen, Panhandle, Wayne, Ritari, Macrowdy and that may all be well and good but these guys share some common born-to-fish-or-die-trying genes, but I figure you need a team that has different sorts of skills, kinda like the A-team to get the job done.

    Here's my A-team:

    1- CWU girl- she's got shotguns, a black lab and she would keep everyone else in line
    2- Yuhina- he has a knack for pulling stripers out and they rank pretty good on the score sheet, plus he is a damn fine artist and I reckon a good fish pic is a good fish pic and probably ought to score
    3- Saltdog- he could get all legal on the opposition, he's the Michael Clayton of the team, the closer, the bulldog.
    4- Coach Duff- what's a team without a Coach? He's got access to waters where different species can rack up the points pretty fast. He's not afraid to call a foul when he sees it, and he does a mean pep-talk
    5- Mingo- seriously, Mingo's a twofer, he brings his SO and there's drinks and jokes to be shared so the team morale is always good. Plus he's fished everywhere, including the "It's a small world" boat ride at Disney...Furthermore, I'm gonna get Saltdog to argue that the POSE of the fisherman is also worth the the presentation of the the great big "O" or the slab of meat in the most comedic manner again ought to be worth a big slice of points...otherwise there's just fish spam to clutter up the gallery...master of the comedic pose? Mingo
  13. Jmills81

    Jmills81 The Dude Abides

    This is great,here's my team

    1. myself....cause i like to feeeesh
    2. jergens...cause he's an eastsider
    3. Rocky mnt brown--cause nothing like meeting a fellow fishing nut on Rock Creek with his twin in the middle of march
    4. Flyfshm--rocky mnt brown's better half
    5. Poierpro--cause he's ganster like that, so start posting sucka!!

    winner winner, chicken dinner
  14. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    yard - you have an easy way to track this? I could whip up a quick spread sheet in excel that would make it super simple. Let me know if you want me to email you something...
  15. Zen Piscator

    Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

    Yes. BUT I WILL CATCH MORE SHAD THAN YOU. On my 2wt. Without trying.
  16. Sinktip

    Sinktip Monty

    Still alive and kicking. Damit SAK now I have to post pics of every fish I can get my hands on. Camera batteries are charging, Flies getting dialed, hell I think I might even put my toon boat together that has been in the boxes for over a year.

    Game on!!
  17. Loopy

    Loopy Member

    What a cracking looking game gentlemen may the best man win.

  18. LOL im on someones list
  19. Steven Green

    Steven Green Hood Canal Pirate

  20. flytyerboy95

    flytyerboy95 Future fly fishing guide

    haha same here

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