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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Backyard, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. who isnt?
  2. Can I pick myself five times? I'm going to do a lot of musky fishing in may and june :)

    plus, with chubs being worth 1 point a piece... Well, just ask Doughty how many chubs I can catch in a day!

    This is going to be tough to pick a team

    I just feel sorry for whoever does all of the tabulation.
  3. iagree

    This will/would be a mess, but I'll pick a team anyways.
  4. that's a good call. there's just two many good ones to choose from
  5. i for one will be hitting it hard and heavy for a few hours before work on the 1st. can't have anyone thinking i'm a slouch and not earning my money
  6. I have to take a short five week break due to mom's request to study my ass off for the SATs in June, but after that, I'm kickin off another kick ass summer with a week long trip deep in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison with a long lost buddy!
  7. Definately not a Sophmore slump, but humped plenty Sophmores. How many points for Bucolla's old lady?
  8. Zen

    Still working on the final cut...

    A for putting your mug in every shot with the fish or lose 1/2 pts, what about putting a symbol or mascot of somekind that works as a unique identifier? Like if you have a tatoo on the back of your hand or your reel has your name engraved?
  9. I’m flattered to be included on any of the teams mentioned so far. Unfortunately I cannot stand idly by and watch my name tarnished by this ridiculous and vulgar competition. We as fly fishermen must hold ourselves to a higher standard. This should be an endeavor for gentlemen and…Just kidding.
    My wife and I are expecting our first child in a couple months. I am not naïve enough to think that I’ll be fishing as much as I normally do. Feel free to remove, or bench me as you see fit.
  10. you should've kept that little bastard in your pants then!
  11. If I'm expected to produce for 4 teams (whether I was drafted as a joke or not doesn't matter) with 7 kids at home - you'd better quit yer belly aching and go get some feesh.

    Trust me, new borns sleep at least 85% of the time (unless you are cursed with colic or something). You should get your mother in law to stick around to change diapers and provide post pardum moral support while you go and get caught up at the work (aka - get some fishing in). :ray1:
  12. I don't want to be on chadk's team. I don't associated with "liberals" of his nature.

  13. Zen, my fly fishing arch nemisis, I dont' want you on my team either - in a BAD WAY..... :mad:

    But then, I wouldn't mind actually winning this thing either... So nothing personal - but tough luck. Now quit crying before your mom reads this and get's mad at me again (dont' ask...).
  14. Chadk you are the definition of a fly fag.
  15. I can respect that you are sticking up for your boi friend Mark. :ray1:

    But just to be clear, I did look up the actual definition of 'fly fag' and it was no surprise when I found this pic:

  16. ouch!
  18. Now i dont agree with Chadk all the time, but Bove you are an idiot to refer to Chad as a "fly fag" Isnt that a little case of the pot calling the kettle black?
  19. Ok, if anybody is going to insult someone else using that term....get it right, it is "feather fag." My dad calls me that all the time just because his ass is too crippled to fly fish. We need to all pitch in some money and rent out a little apartment downtown where we can start some fights, instead of back and forth name calling on the internet.

  20. Ohhhh SNAP! LMFAO. cant' we all just get along?

    Jergens seems like your prejudice is evident. Not one of your teammates is from the WET side? Is there anything over there anyway? couple starbucks's and the ocean i guess.

    what ev. were wappin bass.

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