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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Backyard, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. 509 4 life, boyee!
  2. I would rather be 406 for life! 206 just ain't cutting it... bawling:
  3. 406 is way over rated, i'd take steelhead over big trout anyday!
  4. As a former 509'er I can tell you that the trout are bigger better and less people than the 406, and the steelhead thing. Got to keep with the roots...and for that matter Go Canada eh! ptyd

    Sorry bill....just didn't want you showing up to disneyland only to find out that mickey mouse is a little punk! :clown:
  5. Yeah, but I like it out there! Don't know how I would do with the winters though.

    I've been going out there for 15 years now, so I'm pretty familiar with the areas and have relatives in Helena. I could easily see myself out there in the future. :)

    I will need a "Dry Fly or Die" hat though when I come out! You can keep the shirts though...
  6. Steelhead are just stupid trout, cant sit still, have to run and hide from anglers in the vast ocean, stupid steelhead NO EGG for you! Park that steelhead on the MO or the Mady and it becomes smart! Stupid Jergens, Bad guide, no tip!

  7. 509 is the new place to be kids

    if 509 is cool, consider me miles davis!
  8. 509 is great to pass through on my way out to 406! I'll come out and hunt those big browns with you guys out in MT anytime! Hell ya! :thumb:
  9. It Snowed 3" last night and was 75 degrees really want that bill? :( (and the 509 and 208 have bigger browns)
  10. Sure why not?! It's sucked out here for April for the most part... Last weekend was nice, but I don't like to fish the lake opener!

    3" of snow, no big deal! I'm not Oldman Jim! Sorry Jimbo, I just had too... and I can tie those big flies anyways... :D
  11. 907 wipes ∑ 406, 509, and 208
  12. 307 ES El MEJOR SIN Una DUDA

  13. Ohhhh!
  14. Points start counting at midnight tonight. Final team decisions must be completed by the 5th.

    Players are responsible for keeping track of their teams points. There is a "sort by date posted" function in the gallery to keep track.

    Good Luck....
  15. so let me get this straight! we just load our pics in our gallery then post the link to those pics to this thread?
  16. According to Yard, HELL NO!!! No links, otherwise it's going to get out of control. It's each team owner's responsibility to track the fish their teammembers post and tally the final score. The final results will be verified when the time comes.
  17. I think everyone "competing" should make an album on the updated user profile (user cp) called "fantasy leage" or something to that sort, and post all the pictures there to not spam up the gallery with rediculous numbers of insignificant fish. That way it would be much easier to tally scores, just click on the profile of those on your team, open that album, and count up points. would make for alot less headache
  18. That is sweet! I second the album Idea....ritari you are a punk....But the album idea is a great idea. Add catfish to that list and i am heading paddlefishing in three weeks and since according to my knowledge no one has never been taken on a fly rod soooo... I'm thinking 100 points and catfish are way harder to get on the fly then a carp so 10 pointers :)
  19. Yes, who wants to go get some tats!

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