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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Backyard, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I'm down. Always wanted a tat. Thought about getting my ring finger done with a spey fly just to let all the ladies know that they will never be #1. :beer2:

    Oh just made an album in my gallery for the fantasy league.
  2. If paddlefish or catfish get added, greyling must be added too. they are such a tricky fish to catch with a fly!! 25 points at least!!!!!!
  3. that's a good idea
  4. done, new album complete, good idea dude!
  5. oh yeah, greyling should be worth atleast 50 they are so tough, dollies too right?
  6. grayling are a good call. i'm gunning for some as soon as the ice melts in the higher elevations
  7. Yea and why not arctic char and pike, maybe sheefish....
  8. As (fly)fishermen.... We bitch about being low holed on a 600 yard Skagit run because someone decides to fish the next run down, bitch about who can cast a fly well into the backing with a POS TFO rod and who can't, bitch about gear fishers who hold wild steelhead out of the water but don't bat an eye when it's a 1000+ poster on WFF, whether nymphing is actually flyfishing or swinging is just glorified flossing, which freaking area code is best, which 20 yo can give the best relationship advice to someone they don't even know, why we don't have more FF only water when we aren't the one user group that is excluded from any open fishing water in the state, etc.

    Now, we're going to have a competition which is going to encourage people to get that "glory shot" to gain some sort of "affirmation" at the fish's expense to gain credibilty for our fishing prowess from a bunch of people in cyber land? Seems a bit contradictory to why we pursue fish with the fly. Can some of you actually house a bigger ego than you're already carrying?

    Just tossing out another perspective..... Fire at will.
  9. i dont think anyone is really taking this too seriously PT, its pretty funny really. If someone actually goes out and takes a picture of every 8-14" fish they catch to accumulate points that would be over the top.
  10. i expect updates daily!
  11. Easy, PT. If you read through the posts and evaluated the efforts that would really need to be implemented to make this thing happen legitimately, you would be laughing too. No one is taking this seriously. Actually, I’m surprised you are.:cool:
  12. im just looking forward to talking some trash, and if anything i think it will be cool to see what some guys like panhandle who don't usually have a camera around (coincidence???) are catching.
  13. i'm taking it seriously......i keeps it real!
  14. Like many of us non-college student, non-guide employed, full time employed, kids in hand, mortgage to be paid, non-camera carrying, weekend worrier adults; we, or I, can't compete with you kids. As soon as I'm able to make some friends who are willing to carry a camera around to document my fishing dominance, I'll get on it. So far, though, the best fisherman I know, are void of cameras and the need to document their skills via pics-- rather they tend to be modest and quiet. :D

    Joe, you’re more than welcomed to accompany me up north. You won’t even have to row—we’ll walk and really fish. Bring the camera. :D:beer1:;)
  15. I like that PT dude, right on man. 303, 406, 208, 907, 253, 206, 360, 425, 509, 480, 928, 912, and 480 (Scottsdale)...I catch a lot of fish and fuc$ a lot of whores...Lost count in college...New obsession-fish
  16. Sounds good Millsy...lets get out and fish this summer!!

  17. Whew! Thank God someone finally stepped in to put a stop to all of this fun everybody's having. I was getting worried as I watched a thread that wasn't a pissing contest or political debate growing past 4 pages, then 8 pages... I mean, someone had to do something.
  18. Yes, you can compete. Remember, it's not what you catch, it's what the people you pick for your team catch. This isn't a fishing competition, it's a strategy game. Sort of like futures trading.
  19. I'm heading out at first light with Kerry Burkheimer, Moto (old North Umpqua Dog) and Captain Bob Tang. We may not get anything as this fishery is a tough one but if I am blessed by the fish Gods, it will be nothing but the 808 biatches! In the 808 we go 10 pounds of bonefish trainwrecking love or nothing! Love the Coach
  20. Paddlefish on a fly rod, that would be sick! Of course considering their feeding habits, hooking one on anything bigger than a size 36 freshwater copepod pattern will have to be DQ'ed as flossing. If it can be done, I'd say a fair-hooked spank-bill should be worth at least 1K. My money's on Matney, - YOU GO GIRL!!!

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