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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jason Decker, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Last season was our first year doing the fantasy football league and it was quite a blast.

    Who is interested doing a league this year? We have about a week or so to get the league put together, teams set up and do a draft.

    we will do a complete re-draft with no keepers to make this season fair for everyone.

    Returning players /teams must notify me by PM or posting here if they intend to renew.

    I have the draft set up for Sunday 8/2 at 8:30PM

  2. Hi Jason -

    Hope things are going well for you. Aren't you supposed to be on Kauai? Question on the ff league - is it a free league or a money league?
  3. I'm in for some more punishment. I believe you meant 9/2 for the draft :D
  4. As last years CHAMPION I am most definitely IN. =o)
  5. The endless stream of shit talking alone made participating a blast.
  6. I'm pretty new here but I'll join if you need an extra.

    Dibs on Russell Wilson round 1 tho.
  7. We could go either way ...... $20/50 each or flies .....

    Back in town. Coming by your area in the am tomorrow.

    Ed & nick , remind who was the lame trade guy who always whined about people not taking his laughable offers?

    This year I think we should go with 8-10 teams max

    We will use the same Yahoo Fantasy system as last year.

    FYI- If you can not make the draft, you can do an auto-draft mode
  8. We have 6 spots filled 2-4 left!
  9. I'll take one of those spots but I'd have to auto-pick on Sunday.
  10. Last year was a lot of fun and I'm in again. Losers draft first right???


    I remember crap trade guy...that was quite the blowout.

  11. Let's do cash or flies, but if we do flies I'd recommend requiring them be sent in upfront. I believe we discussed doing flies last year but I don't recall that coming to fruition.
  12. I'm in if there is room
  13. 2012-2013 Season Teams

    1. JD
    2. Brian White
    3. Golfman44
    4. Mike Ralph
    5. Ed Call
    6. Nick Clayton
    7. Fifafu
    8. Benjy
    9. MayFlyAviator
    10. TallFlyGuy

    We can add 2 more teams if needed, but this 10 team league size is ideal.

    ASAP - Please PM me
    1. Real Name if necessary
    2. Email address to send Yahoo league invite
    3. vote on free, $20 cash or flies

    Also, if you have an i-phone or android, you can download the free Yahoo Fantasy Football App to use for setting your roster during the season. You will need to use a computer to do the draft. I strongly recommend that you do a few
    practice mock drafts if you are not familiar with how it works. We will be doing a snake draft format with random draft order assignment.

    NOTE: DRAFT is set for SUNDAY 9/2 @ 8:30pm, you should be logged in by 8:00/8:15pm to make sure you can get into the draft room with no issues.

    The league can be accessed with the following URL:
  14. Thanks Jason! This is gonna be fun!!!
  15. 2012-2013 Season Teams

    1. JD
    2. Brian White
    3. Golfman44
    4. Mike Ralph
    5. Ed Call
    6. Nick Clayton
    7. Fifafu
    8. Benjy
    9. MayFlyAviator
    10. TallFlyGuy

    The league is set with 10 teams.
    we can go to 12 but would need 2 more to join
  16. Damn, wish I saw this earlier. If you still want to go to 12 teams, I'm in.
  17. I remember the "lame trade guy" as someone trying to improve his team...on the cheap. I think he is in again and I'm glad about that.

    Talk all the crap you want, but back it up by staying active with your team. Don't leave a bunch of broke down or bye players on your roster.

    Don't set scori g to make kickers and kickoff/punt return players so damn valuable. If they don't get to the end one we should not even recognize them by name.

    Nick, you dropped me like a bad habit in the final last year...being first loser has left me hungry.

    Likely auto drafting and taking my chances on luck, it is a holiday (FAMILY) weekend. I'm trying to keep my priorities straight!

    Thanks DeckDog, for setting this up again. I'm in for a low budget entry fee and/or flies. Agree of flies are involved then they should be in early. Maybe in by the trade deadline or the commish benches your full roster and locks your team.
  18. I agree.... that guy sucked! :D
    I would prefer free plus flies.
    I will try and be on the live draft.
    Thanks JD, I appreciate you doing this again.
    Good luck everyone! I think it is a come-back year for me!

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