Fast action rod blanks - Rainshadow RX8 or ???

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Denny, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. I'm a fan of fast to very fast action rods. Do y'all have any recommendations or favorite rod blanks?

    Has anyone built or used the Rainshadow RX8 blanks? They are pitched as an extra fast action blank . . .

  2. The Dan Craft FT series has a reputation you'd like.
  3. Yep, I have built a 6wt FT. A very fast action rod. It was a great salmon rod for me in AK. Didn't really enjoy the action for much down here though as I am mostly a trout hunter. Dan is a great guy to chat with as well. He will help get whatever you need.
  4. I agree. FT's are one of the fastest rods on the market. Dan just came out with an extra fast FT, too! :eek:
  5. I recall there was a Dan Craft discussion once where one of the respondent said, if I recall correctly, that Dan re-badged an import blank that could be purchased much less expensively elsewhere. But, I also seem to recall the person who made that claim didn't back up that comment with a reference to the 'other' blank supplier . . . do y'all remember that?

    I cast a Fetha Styx rod last May that they labeled as extra fast, and it was awesome. Stiff, fast, strong tip, without being a broom stick. I had an XP and my friend had a TCR, and after casting that Fetha Styx, we preferred it. Jim won't disclose the source of the blanks; he's saying he's planning on introducing the blank/rod sometime later this year . . . but that's what he said last year!
  6. I have a 6 wt 9 ft. Dan Craft FT. This rod is very fast and I wasn't sure I would like it when first using it. But after 2 seasons of extensive fishing I really like this rod. I use mine for stillwater fishing mostly throwing sinking lines, windy conditions, bigger flies. I'm not sure that it needs to be uplined to be happy but it will certainly handle 1 or 2 lines heavier. It seems to have just the right tip flex to balance the stiffer mid and very powerful butt. I like that it feels very light in the tip with a nice lively response and I can fish it hard all day without wrecking my aging arm. And the blank was dead straight with excellent ferrule fit and nice unpainted matt finish.

  7. When Loomis sold out to Shimano apparently several of their blank builders set up shop in Oregon, turning out blanks that were spitting image of the old IMX. I talked with Dan Craft 5-6 years ago and I think he was instrumental in this. Anyway, I built a 10' 4pc. 4wt. Sig V. or 5 Rivers. A terrific rod, perfectly straight,which was sometimes a problem with early IMX's. Previously I built mainly IMX blanks and to my eye this was identical, if not better, very fast action.
    RainShadow blanks are also great quality, Forecast are quality imports and I'm not sure about some RainShadow origin. You can probably give Dan a call and get his insight, he's very knowledgeable and the few times I've talked with him he was great to work with.
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  9. How about a CTS blank?
  10. Google Sierra Classic Fly Rods. I bought a 9' 6weight from him that is extra fast. To fast for me. I'm going to sell it but if that is what you are looking for he may sell blanks. A great guy to work with and great customer service.
  11. I've heard CTS is very good, but I've never built one. The main thing that keeps me from doing it is that they only have one US distributor and I hear he normally sells out his inventory pretty quick. Worth a try, though!

    Give Gatti a look, too. They have some nice rods out.
  12. Yeah, I have never seen one but I have read quit a bit on them in the past year and they seem to be received as a favorite by many over all other brands, including Sage and G.Loomis. Made in New Zealand if I remember correctly.
  13. My go to trout rod is an Rainshadow RX8 5wt. It is pretty fast. I think they still sell RX8 rods in addition to new RX8+ blanks. The RX8+ blanks are kind of spendy to me. If I were to replace my go to rod, I would build a 9' Dan Craft FT. I haven't cast a 9' FT but am guessing it is faster than my old RX8 from what I have read. If you can judge the speed of a rod by reading what people write. TFO TiCr blanks are fast and a good price.

    I hadn't heard about the extra fast FTs. Interesting given they were already very fast.

  14. If your RX8 is your go-to rod, why wouldn't you just replace it with another, rather than with a sight-unseen Dan Craft FT?

    Jim, where do you live?
  15. Richard - The Rainshadow RX8+ is a very fast action blank. I've got a built out 6 wt at the shop that you are welcome to test out to see if you like it.

    BTW - the Rainshadow blank series is made in the US, its the Baston's Forecast lineup that is made overseas.
  16. Richard,

    I would replace my RX8 with an FT because of all the reviews I have read about FTs and I like trying new rods. Now if Kristin were to give me an RX8+ based solely on my good looks, I would probably go with that blank. I have a 10' 7 wt. FT which is my go to beach rod and a DC 8' 4 wt. FTL (Fast Taper Light) which is my go to rod for crick fishin which if I had to replace I would go with a DC 8' 4 wt. FTL (Fast Taper Light). Both the 10' FT and FTLs are said to be slower than the 9' FTs. By how much I can't personally say.


  17. I have a 9ft 6wt and a 10ft 8wt. The 8wt is noticably slower than the 6wt, though it's hard to tell if this is because of the rod wt or extra length.
  18. I built an RX-8+ up at AATF with Ron and really like the action. I currently have a 6wt Steelhead taper for it and a Teeny 200 integrated sinktip for some streamer action.

    Definiltely a very nice blank! I cast a Dan Craft on the Yakima about a month ago and it was very sweet. I don't remember the exact blank, but it was Jeff C's rod and maybe he'll chime in.

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