Fastest Route to the Klickitat area

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  1. I am venturing down there in a couple of weeks, first time driving over that way, what is the fastest way from the Canadian Border, assuming I-90?

    Yes we ave steelhead up here, but, always looking to fish new rivers :)

    Thanks in advance

  2. I-5, I-90, Hwy 82.
  3. nice one Derek!
    thanks Jeff, thats what I figured.

  4. Then Hwy 97 thru Goldendale, take a right and head west on hwy 14. Come into the town of Lyle, and head up hwy 142, or take hwy 142 out of Goldendale, and drop into the town of Klickitat.
  5. I take I-5 south into Oregon and head east on I-84 to Hood River. Cross the Columbia (toll bridge, $0.75 I think) back onto WA Hwy 14 and continue east to the Klickitat. A higher % of the distance on freeways at a higher speed. Ooh, I feel dirty, like I just revealed a zipperlip.

  6. Gotta be a troll post. Driving from Canada to fish the Klickitat?! The hell?!
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  7. Yep....this is the route!!
  8. This is the route during the complete OFF hours of traffic. However, if you're driving from Seattle to Olympia anytime between 7-10 or 3-6 you can tack on at least another hour and a half onto the trip
  9. Good point. It would probably be best to get onto I-205 around Vancouver, WA and drop onto I-84 from there as well as avoiding Portland's rush hour.
  10. Sorry I left that out. I-205 is a given.
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  11. except its a buck now..
  12. Trust Jeff.
  13. I think that might be the first time that's ever be typed. Looks like the 1000 monkeys are writing on WFF.
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